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The reason why baidibao health plate brand can keep moving forward at a steady pace is that we have a number of excellent and potential brand plate franchisees

who doesn't want to make money when choosing to enter the plate industry and become a plate agent? Say you don't want to be an excellent person? However, it is not all that can be achieved. Excellent sheet metal agents always have some commonalities, which are worth learning from all agents

the reason why baidibao health plate brand can keep moving forward at a steady pace is that we have a number of excellent and potential brand plate franchisees

first, a stable backbone team is the foundation

excellent plate agents and dealers have a stable backbone team. For example, a team dominated by married women has a stronger sense of stability, a stronger need for safety, less emotional fluctuations, and is not easy to conflict with their superiors or subordinates, which is the lubricant in team relations

second, scientific management with system is the premise

many people have spoken and written against family enterprises, but the family phenomenon in the entrepreneurial period of sheet metal franchise agents is inevitable. In fact, family business and family management are two different problems. Family business is the concept of property rights, which means that the funds come from a family; Family management is a property right, and a family enterprise is not necessarily family management. As long as several family members participate in the management of family enterprises and form small groups, family management will be formed. Generally speaking, family members have a strong sense of insecurity towards non family members, and professional managers often feel that they have positions and rights

excellent sheet joining agents usually limit the number of family members, or only allow family members to participate in very special positions, and do not give management authority. From the perspective of management, the development of enterprises begins with learning to manage people who don't trust. Because family members are credible, it is difficult to establish an institutional system for ordinary employees to work normally

third, it is important for every employee to have development opportunities.

the treatment of employees of excellent sheet metal franchise agents is actually lower than many people think. On the contrary, the treatment of some sheet metal franchise agents whose employees change jobs frequently is not low. The first means for excellent plate franchise agents to retain people is welfare, because welfare is easier to create a sense of security. For example, most of the board franchise agents that Xiaobian sees will allow excellent employees to travel once or twice a year; The second is the expectation of growth, because excellent joining agents of sheet metal are constantly developing, and development can create opportunities for employees

fourth, it is more useful to walk with better peers than to go to the training lecture.

many franchisees who often participate in various trainings are there, but it seems that the effect is not great. On the contrary, those who often go out to learn from better sheet joining agents make faster progress

baidibao, one of China's top ten plate brands, has requirements for the comprehensive quality of agents when attracting investment, because this is conducive to the rapid development of enterprises and is responsible for all franchise partners. If the brand is better based on the market, the agent can achieve the desired goal faster, which is the win-win situation between the enterprise and the franchisee


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