Avoid these five hidden dangers in decoration, and

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Some improper practices in the decoration may bring potential safety hazards to the owners' future life, especially the following five misunderstandings. Owners should pay attention

some improper practices in decoration may bring potential safety hazards to the owner's future life, especially the following five misunderstandings, which should be paid attention to by all owners! Many people know the harm of smashing the counterweight wall and removing the load-bearing wall by one person, but few people know that the counterweight wall (connecting the balcony and the indoor wall) plays the role of lifting the balcony like a weight. Dismantling and changing this wall will reduce the bearing capacity of the balcony, causing the balcony to sink or even collapse. 2. Random series circuit. Some decoration teams connect circuits without design, which will cause line phase imbalance. When the power is overloaded, it is easy to have a short circuit, which may seriously lead to a fire. Three buried waterways some decoration teams bury the metal joint underground or in the wall when transforming the water supply pipe, because the rubber gasket of the metal joint is easy to age (the service life is generally 3 years), which will lead to water seepage of the water supply pipe. 4. According to the national regulations on privately demolishing heating, households are not allowed to change the direction and location of heating, but many people blindly pursue the decoration effect when decorating, and arbitrarily change the radiator, which is easy to make the heating pipe leak or even burst. V. the wooden keel of the pipe well is not subject to anti-corrosion treatment. If the pipe well in the bathroom is based on the wooden keel during decoration, it must be subject to anti-corrosion treatment; If the light steel keel is used, it must be treated with rust prevention to prevent the keel from blistering when the pipeline seeps. Do you remember these five points? Avoid them for decoration, and there must be no problem with concealed works




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