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You can see the figure of the desk at home and in the office, which is used for office or study. The existence of the desk also brings great convenience to everyone's life. Today, Xiaobian is going to introduce the size and purchase method of the desk to you, so that you can learn more about the relevant knowledge of the desk. If you want to know, just read on

I. Introduction to the size of writing desk

1. No matter which brand of writing desk you choose, the height is generally more than 70cm, because the state has formulated relevant regulations on the ecological height of writing desk, and the height of writing desk should be controlled at about 70cm, 72cm, 74cm and 76cm. Although the brand of writing desk is different, the height is controlled within these four specifications

2. As for the size of the desk, there is no relevant regulation, because the style is different, and the size of the desk is very different. If it is a European style desk, the size of the desk will be a little larger, so the effect will be more beautiful. Of course, some furniture brands also provide customers with advanced customization services for writing desks, and the size of writing desks is even more unlimited

3. The height of the writing desk cabinet is not limited, which is mainly selected according to personal needs. If the ideal height of the writing desk cabinet for consumers is about 80cm, but the brand does not sell writing desk cabinets of this height, consumers can also choose advanced customized services

II. How to choose solid wood desk

1. When buying solid wood desk, the most important thing is to judge the raw materials. The quality of solid wood furniture market is uneven, and the phenomenon of shoddy furniture is often seen. Therefore, it is best for everyone to buy well-known brand products. The price difference between pine furniture and mahogany furniture sold in the furniture market is nearly ten times. Don't think that solid wood desks don't need to consider tree species

2. The connection mode of high-quality solid wood desk is groove and other processes. In local places with large bearing capacity, protective fasteners and screws will also be used for reinforcement. When you choose a solid wood desk, you can open the cabinet door, movable desktop and drawer to see whether it can be used freely

3. Cracks and large knots should not appear in the main stressed parts of the furniture, and it is also necessary to observe whether the wood is white and dry, and whether the texture of the wood is fine and tight. There seems to be a pattern on the surface of the solid wood desk, so there should also be a corresponding pattern on the back of the pattern. If the pattern corresponds well, it means that the desk is made of solid wood

editor's summary: the above is the introduction of the size of the writing desk and the related content of how to buy solid wood writing desk. I hope it can help you. Choosing a suitable and beautiful writing desk can make it more convenient for people to work or study, and beautify the home environment at the same time




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