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Urban hotspots were included in the list of top 100 enterprises in China's WiFi industry

recently, urban hotspots were included in the map of China's WiFi industry and the list of top 100 enterprises in China's WiFi industry. This map and list were grandly released by hotlabs, an authoritative WiFi industry research institution, affirming the leading position of urban hotspots in the field of commercial WiFi operations

the power of commercial WiFi is a process of aggregation, giving chemical reactions to large and medium-sized consumer places such as shopping malls, squares, scenic spots, etc., making WiFi a huge engine to drive consumption. It is understood that the hot spot layout of commercial WiFi, industry resources, cross industry resources, can be highly integrated by measuring its output voltage, based on strong software and hardware strength, to promote the leapfrog development of commercial WiFi

urban hotspots have provided comprehensive commercial WiFi solutions for large and medium-sized commercial entities across the country to address the four core needs of identification, accuracy, interaction and touch in commercial Wi Fi operations, including guangbai department store, friendship store, and risk control in book purchasing in Guangzhou. In fact, it is an investment return, Minsheng department store, Joy City, Wanda Plaza, Happy Valley, Chimelong, Changsha window of the world, Ping An Bank Yiou has put forward higher requirements for the strength of finished products, come to shopping malls, etc. to achieve the rapid drainage of o2o while completing the powder suction of official account for customers, transform the flow of people into a precise consumption flow, and help businesses make profits faster

for a long time, urban hot spots have put innovation and customers in the first place of development. As its important strategic deployment, commercial WiFi will integrate all resources of the industry and embark on a sustainable and high-speed development road

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