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Articles of association of the national painting industry cooperation alliance (Draft)

Chapter I General Provisions

Article 1 the name of the organization is "national painting industry cooperation alliance"

Article 2 the national coating industry collaboration alliance (hereinafter referred to as the collaboration alliance) is a non-profit, non independent legal person membership collaboration service platform initiated by the coating market and voluntarily formed by upstream and downstream enterprises, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities and other relevant units in the coating industry

Article 3 the cooperative alliance shall comply with national regulations and policies, social ethics and professional ethics, realize resource integration, promote mutual promotion among enterprises, complement each other's advantages, win-win cooperation, and promote the development of the coating industry

Article 4 the Council of the national painting industry cooperation alliance is the highest decision-making body of the cooperation alliance

Article 5 under the cooperative alliance, there are automobile painting professional committee, engineering machinery painting professional committee, ship painting professional committee, electronic information products painting professional committee, wood painting professional committee, aluminum profile painting professional committee, kitchen appliance painting professional committee, fitness equipment painting professional committee, etc

Article 6 the daily office (Secretariat) of the cooperation alliance is located in the coating market office

Chapter II work introduction

Article 7 scope of work of the collaborative alliance

(I) carry out services in the coating industry, invite upstream and downstream enterprises and institutions in the coating industry to jointly participate in the construction of the organizational system of the collaborative alliance, develop members, reflect industry demands, carry out industry self-discipline, promote upstream and downstream cooperation, and effectively serve the coating industry

(II) carry out coating industry exchange, project consultation, promotion and application of new products and technologies, and carry out international coating technology exchange and cooperation. Hold an international painting exchange meeting at an appropriate time to promote the development of China's painting industry and international integration

(III) carry out the work of the Coating Industry Council and expert base, and organize and hold the annual meeting of the coating industry and the special exchange meeting of supply and demand every year

(IV) improve and enhance the coating market, and provide industry information and e-commerce platform for coating industry enterprises

(V) assist and support modern painting series DM media, modern painting newspaper, EDM, painting business microblog groups and groups, and provide cross platform media services for enterprises

(VI) establish painting manager salons and entrepreneur clubs to provide more platforms for painting people to work, live, study and relax

(VII) organize experts to select and write papers and collect foreign coating theory from time to time according to the situation. 3.7 surface morphology analysis French publishing professional books, or organize the compilation and printing of special collections of coating expert papers

(VIII). Investment and financing services

carry out strategic cooperation with banks, securities companies and various high-quality investment and financing institutions, expand the investment promotion channels of enterprises, strive for financial support for excellent projects, and provide domestic and foreign listing and M & A services for enterprises that meet the listing conditions

(IX). Agency services

1, undertaking enterprise information conferences, expert review meetings, product technology appraisal meetings, and special promotion and exchange meetings

2, acting to participate in the evaluation and declaration, such as early-stage service and follow-up of key project declaration, preparation of declaration materials and expert review, national and local famous brands, Federation (provincial and ministerial) science and technology award, National Science and technology progress award, science and technology innovation fund, spark plan and torch plan projects

3, agent licenses and various evaluations, such as production license, safety evaluation, product quality certification, enterprise credit evaluation

4, business secretary services, such as various forms of documents, various rules and regulations and various management norms required by the enterprise

(x) consulting services

1, technical consulting, such as data services, organization of industry university research cooperation technology research, preparation of project feasibility study, enterprise development planning, production technology diagnosis

2, expert services, such as assisting in hiring experts according to the needs of enterprises, including academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, professors of universities and scientific research institutes, senior experts in the industry, and experts in the international industry

3, management consulting, such as enterprise management diagnosis, recommending management experts, technical experts and relevant personnel for enterprises, and organizing various mentality and professional quality management training

4, enterprise rights protection services, such as policy rights protection, that is, reflect, suggest and appeal to the national competent departments according to the requirements of enterprises, determine the industrial direction and formulate industrial policies, and modify and improve the current policies; For example, judicial rights protection, drafting relevant legal documents according to the requirements of the enterprise, and hiring lawyers and representing litigation

5, entrepreneurial services, such as the reception of entrepreneurs and their relatives in Beijing, domestic and international expert medical treatment of entrepreneurs and their relatives' diseases, and the Department functions of the enterprise's office in Beijing

6, other relevant requirements for the surface finish of the sample are high. Service

Article 8 development plan of the collaborative alliance

(I) development goal: to create the first collaborative organization brand and service brand in the coating industry with domestic authoritative influence and broad international influence

(II) development strategy: it is planned to implement the first "three-year plan" and the second "three-year plan" in two steps

the first "three-year plan": from 2011 to 2013, closely focus on the main tasks of the collaborative alliance, organize the work of the members and the Council of the collaborative alliance, as well as various industries and market service systems such as conference activities, project consultation, exchange and promotion, information media, etc., and establish a wide range of industry influence and authority based on China; At the same time, an international coating exchange conference was organized to start building the international activity capacity of the cooperation alliance

the second "three-year plan": from 2014 to 2017, based on domestic and international perspectives, after the second phase of the project is put into operation, host international coating conferences, carry out international coating technology exchanges and cooperation, obtain the support of government departments, and carry out the international promotion of Chinese coating brands; On the basis of establishing a wide international influence, organize the supervision and credit system of China's coating export products, promote the international trade of the coating industry, and strive to build a high-tech coating country

Chapter III members

Article 9 the cooperative alliance is composed of enterprises, universities, scientific research institutes and other relevant units that voluntarily apply to join, and enjoy rights and obligations in accordance with the articles of association

Article 10 enterprises applying to join the collaborative alliance must meet the following conditions:

(1) the enterprise has good development and reliable product quality

(2) good economic benefits

(III) good accounting credit and tax credit

(IV) established according to law for more than two years

Article 11 membership procedure

(1) submit an application form

(II) submit it to the Council for discussion and adoption after passing the preliminary examination of the daily office (Secretariat) of the collaborative alliance

Article 12 rights of members

(1) participate in collaborative alliance activities

(II) obtain relevant materials prepared by the cooperative alliance organization

(3) the cooperative alliance can be asked to provide technical consultation and tackle key problems

(4) the cooperative alliance can be requested to assist in holding training courses and providing investment and financing services

(V) have the right to suggest, criticize and supervise the work of the collaborative alliance

Article 13 obligations of members

(I) abide by the articles of association of the cooperative alliance and implement the relevant resolutions of the cooperative alliance

(II) complete the work entrusted by the cooperative alliance, reflect the situation to the cooperative alliance, and provide relevant materials and information

(III) consciously safeguard the reputation and legitimate rights and interests of the alliance

Chapter IV Organization

Article 14 the alliance Council is the highest decision-making body of the cooperative alliance, and its functions and powers are as follows:

(1) make decisions on major matters of the alliance

(II) review relevant annual plans and various activity plans

(III) invite celebrities or relevant members to participate in major decisions of the alliance

Article 15 the Council of the League shall have a chairman and several vice chairmen. Each committee under the alliance has a chairman unit and several vice chairman units

Article 16 the Secretariat of the collaborative alliance is the daily office of the alliance, and its functions and powers are as follows:

(1) formulate the annual plan of the alliance

(II) overall planning of various activities

(III) be responsible for organizing the daily work of the alliance

(IV) the term of office of the leading body of the League Council is three years

Chapter V funds

Article 17 sources of funds for collaborative alliances

(1) financial assistance and donations from individuals, groups or units at home and abroad

(II) income from activities or services carried out by the cooperative alliance

(III) strive for subsidies from the government's special funds for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises

(IV) the vice chairman unit pays a membership fee of 30000 yuan per year, the director unit pays a membership fee of 20000 yuan per year, the member unit pays a membership fee of 3000 yuan per year, and the individual member pays a membership fee of 1500 yuan per year

Article 18 the funds of the cooperative alliance shall be used for the development of the business scope and undertakings beneficial to the work of the cooperative alliance

Chapter VI amendment to the articles of association

Article 19 the amendment to the articles of association of the collaborative alliance shall take effect after being approved by the Council of the alliance and submitted to the Congress of all members for deliberation and approval

Chapter VII termination procedures

Article 20 when the cooperative alliance needs to be dissolved, the Council of the cooperative alliance shall propose a termination motion. The motion of termination was voted by all members of the Congress, and the aftermath work was handled well

Chapter VIII supplementary provisions

Article 21 the articles of association shall be implemented from the date of the establishment of the first alliance

Article 22 the right to interpret the articles of association of the cooperative alliance belongs to the Council of the cooperative alliance

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