Draft international standard for the hottest steel

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Draft international standard for steel drums (1)

draft international standard for steel drums

I. closed steel drums with a minimum capacity of 121L, 216.5l and 230L

items include: steel drums, containers, dimensions, specifications, capacity, testing, dimensional tolerance range, identification, packaging


iso (International Organization for Standardization) is a worldwide consortium of ISO members from national standardization agencies. The work of ISO Technical Committee is to adopt the displacement of beam to measure the deflection, which is not appropriate to formulate international standards. Every member who is interested in the project established by a technical committee has the right to be invited to participate in this committee in order to achieve this goal. Some international organizations, governmental and non-governmental organizations can also participate in this work in order to coordinate the work of ISO

the technical committee will distribute the draft international standard to all members for their approval. According to the requirements of ISO procedures, at least 75% of the members must approve or agree before it can be determined as an international standard

this international standard was formulated by the steel barrel working group

this standard is one of a series of standards for 200L steel drums and their closures. For the sale and protection of products, effective packaging is very important. Insufficient or inappropriate packaging can cause damage or waste of the contents of the packaging

the contents of this standard are:

preface Contents; 1. Scope; 2. Reference standards; 3. Definition; 4. Size; 5. Materials; 6. Structure; 7. Coating; 8. Discharge outlet; 9. Identification; 10. Quality and performance requirements; Figure 1 volume and size of steel drum with non movable top (closed); Annex a (standard) capacity test method; Appendix B emptying test method

1, scope

this draft international standard specifies the characteristics and dimensions of non removable top (closed) steel drums made of steel plates with a total volume of 212 liters, 216.5 liters and 230 liters. The word "recommended" means recommended, and the word "must" means mandatory

2. Reference standard

the provisions contained in the following standards constitute provisions of this standard through reference in this standard. At the time of publication of the standard, the editions shown are valid. All standards will be revised. All parties using this standard should explore the possibility of using the latest versions of the following standards

iso3574:1986 (E) cold rolled deep drawing and galvanized carbon steel plate

iso3573:1986 (E) hot rolled deep drawing and galvanized carbon steel plate

iso:1994 non thread sealing thread. Part I: identification, dimension and tolerance

iso668:1988 series I: classification and size of goods transportation packages

closure on barrel: 1996 embedded flanging steel barrel closure

3, definition

for the purpose of this standard, the following definitions are given:

3.1, non removable top (closed) steel barrel (th)

a steel cylindrical packaging barrel with permanent barrel top and bottom, and an opening for filling, emptying and exhaust is installed on the top

3.2. Standard capacity

capacity unit is liter, which indicates the approximate full capacity level of the barrel

3 for example 3. Full capacity

the so-called full capacity is the volume (in liters) when the amount of water in the barrel reaches the designed injection nozzle. The measurement method is specified in Annex a

3.4. Total capacity (TC)

after the bucket is filled with water, the volume of water is the total capacity of the bucket (in liters

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