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Dr. Li Siyang, CEO of Guoao technology, was selected into the Forbes 2020 elite list under the age of 30

on November 9, 2020, Forbes China launched the latest elite list under the age of 30 (30 under 30), and selected 30 outstanding young people under the age of 30 who are active in various fields in China. Dr. lisiyang, CEO of Guoao technology, was selected into Forbes' 2020 "industrial manufacturing, energy and environmental protection" elite list under the age of 30

Dr. lisiyang, CEO of Guoao technology, was selected into the Forbes 2020 elite list under the age of 30

from the 20 standard also needs to consume a lot of oil; In the current situation of energy shortage, Zhiqi aluminum processing industry has taken a key step towards the field of fine processing. Since the founding of Guoao science and technology in 18 years, Dr. Li Siyang has aimed at the upgrading of China's advanced manufacturing, committed to changing the long-term dependence of China's advanced manufacturing on imported equipment, focused on the high-precision, intelligence, digitization and reliability of products, and achieved breakthroughs in key technologies in the field of advanced manufacturing one by one, so that advanced manufacturing, Lead the world to change

Dr. Li Siyang often said that the dream of the company is my dream, and learning from the west is my favorite. With 10000 years of commitment, I will try my best and devote myself to the whole. 2. Brief telegram to bring youth

Guoao science and technology production center

what Guoao science and technology wants to do is to make our unique high-precision linear rotating motor to the extreme in some subdivisions, and truly give full play to its unique technical advantages, so that more R & D personnel in semiconductor, display panel, 3C automation and medical equipment industries can understand and understand this new motor technology scheme, Provide high-quality solutions and customized services for various demanding application scenarios

in Dr. Li Siyang's plan, Guoao technology pays more attention to the strategic value in the market. After the successful verification and small batch production of all motor models and drives in the industry's leading customers this year, next year, Guoao technology will achieve the goal of mass production of products, increase market promotion, and focus on the localization process of advanced manufacturing equipment such as semiconductors and display panels, Break through the difficulties of being stuck in the current film production chain with more in-core or toxic side effects on human body, and radiate a more diversified industrial automation application market at the same time

the second anniversary of the founding of Guoao technology, just like a person who has just arrived in his prime, all employees of Guoao technology will uphold the spirit of Dr. Li Siyang, open up the power of the flood, and live up to the fleeting years and themselves

thirty fearless, everything is just right

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