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Dramatic changes in the case of golden light group v. Zhejiang Hotel Industry Association

the highly concerned "golden light incident" was originally scheduled to open today in Hangzhou West Lake District Court, but yesterday morning, golden light group suddenly withdrew the lawsuit, and the trend of global ethylene propylene rubber production and automobile production was basically parallel, which made this incident have a dramatic development. Yesterday, I interviewed the relevant heads of app, zhejiang hotel industry association and world Greenpeace

on November 18 last year, according to the investigation report of world Greenpeace on "app (China) Company of golden light group deforestation in China", zhejiang hotel industry association publicly proposed that its member hotels boycott app paper products, and included this article in the requirements for creating and evaluating green hotels. Dozens of hotels in Zhejiang responded. Jinguang group took Zhejiang Hotel Industry Association to court by "infringing on the reputation right of Jinguang, which also brings greater market to the consumer enterprises of instruments, paper industry and Jinguang group", that is, by improving the conversion rate of merchants (see our report on November 29, 2004, version 10). But yesterday, APP withdrew the lawsuit

Party A: wait for the government's final statement

yesterday, Mr. Xu, head of the legal department of golden light paper (China) Investment Co., Ltd., told, The golden light group once used the famous sentence "how difficult is it in the world? There is no conflict of interest between it and the Zhejiang Hotel Industry Association. The purpose of the lawsuit is to clarify the facts through legal channels. Now the relevant national departments have investigated the authenticity of Greenpeace's investigation report against the golden light group, so there is no need to file a lawsuit again. He said that at present, he is waiting for" the government's clear statement on this issue. "

Party B: the boycott continues

Secretary General Du of Zhejiang Hotel Industry Association said that the withdrawal of app was a little unexpected, but it is also reasonable that this lawsuit, regardless of its victory or defeat, will have a negative impact on the golden light group. As for the association, "we don't care whether this lawsuit is fought, won or defeated. Because the initiative of the association is not aimed at enterprises, but to call on the whole society to pay attention to environmental protection. At present, this event has attracted the collective attention of the society, and the purpose of calling for environmental protection has been achieved."

coincidentally, yesterday was the day when the Council of Zhejiang hotel industry association was held. 57 hotels were newly awarded the title of "green hotel in Zhejiang Province". At present, there are more than 100 green hotels in the province. Boycotting app products is just an action to strengthen their awareness of green procurement

Secretary General Du said that the Zhejiang Hotel Industry Association had proposed that if app made an effective commitment to protecting China's environment, the association could stop the initiative of "refusing to buy". But in fact, golden light has not submitted a serious and effective commitment, so at present, the hotel industry association will not withdraw the "Refusal" initiative. The association said that it was expected that after the withdrawal of the lawsuit, Jin Guang would make further commitments, or the relevant national departments had a clear evaluation of the deforestation incident in Yunnan, before the Zhejiang Hotel Association could cancel the boycott

Party C: strongly request app to commit to environmental protection

yesterday, Greenpeace sent two staff members who had been on-site investigation in Yunnan in 2004 to Hangzhou to support the Zhejiang Hotel Industry Association in responding to the lawsuit and preparing to testify in court. One of them is Zhong Yu, the project director of the organization. She believes that app's withdrawal of the lawsuit is a wise move, because the focus of the court debate will focus on whether the deforestation incident is true, and deforestation is beyond doubt. When she went to Yunnan to investigate, she saw that a large number of trees were felled, most of them with a diameter of more than 5 cm at breast height, and several trees with a history of more than 100 years. It is reported that the State Forestry Administration has issued a notice at the beginning of the year, indicating that "there is deforestation in the process of building raw material forests" and "when Jinguang company built raw material forests in Lancang County last year, 9580.52 mu of forest land was involved; without a forest cutting license, 24709 cubic meters of harvested trees were accumulated." The State Forestry Administration requested the Yunnan Provincial Forestry Department to conduct further detailed investigation

Ms. Zhong said that the withdrawal of app is not the end of the incident. The world green organization has three goals: first, Jinguang group should admit its mistake about the deforestation incident in Yunnan; The second is to promise to protect China's natural forests; The third is to adjust the planning of Yunnan project with the scientific concept of development, and publish the operation data of large projects in the future for supervision

if Jinguang refuses to make a commitment to protect China's natural forests, the organization will defend the environment to the end, operate its global influence, and launch a global boycott of APP products

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