Drink a cocktail specially made by Mitsubishi robo

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Come to the Expo and have a cocktail specially made by Mitsubishi robot

the automation Hall of 2018 Shanghai Expo is crowded with people, and the Mitsubishi electromechanical exhibition area is crowded by the audience. Everyone queued patiently to see the robots who can make coffee and mix wine. Such a cocktail full of future sense of technology and passion is made by Mitsubishi Melfa FR series industrial robots. Next, please follow to see interesting robots

coffee making and liquor mixing robot

coffee making and liquor mixing robot can save a lot of labor costs. It can also standardize the manufacturing and sales process of drinks and ensure the stability of quality. Robots are not used to replace baristas or electronic universal experimental mixers, but to liberate them from repeated work and spend more time developing new drink formulas

new man-machine cooperative robot

no safety barrier: arm shape of anti pinch structure, using led to display working conditions, based on pointer ts15066*1, cooperation between man and machine is easy to operate

no teaching pendant is required: a series of operations such as direct operation, jog operation, arm switch, teaching and so on can be simply carried out by using gadget software tools

no program required: using visual programming, the robot does not need language and can be programmed by touching the key

laser carving robot

laser processing has no contact with the material surface, is not affected by mechanical movement, and the surface will not deform, so it generally does not need to be fixed. Laser engraving has high precision, high speed and wide application fields

the robot waits in a safe position, then points the laser at the starting point of the logo on the laser engraving module, turns on the laser, and starts the laser tracking action along the edge of the logo. After engraving a complete letter or path, the relative humidity deviation should be within ± 23% RH. Turn off the laser, move to the starting point of the next letter, then continue to turn on the laser for engraving, and repeat the above actions in turn, Until all logo characters are engraved

compact high-performance four axis robot CRH series

no teaching device is required, and you can teach with a computer; Standard 10 boards and 10 cable connectors are built-in; Standard conveyor belt tracking function standard CC link ie field basic support function; No special control device is required

melfa FR series industrial robots

melfa FR series is an extended function option card that further expands the possibilities of Melfa FR series according to the new intelligent solution based on the newly released demand state of college graduates nationwide, so as to realize the next generation of automation with simpler, advanced and flexible manufacturing. New automation solutions that can meet the automation requirements used

the new series retains the excellent body structure of high rigidity, refinement and high speed, and the performance of cr800 controller is comprehensively improved: the control cycle is shortened by 1/2, among which cr800-r controller is seamlessly combined with Mitsubishi Electric R series PLC, and the communication cycle is shortened to 1/4

three pillars, e- F@ctory The realization of Melfa smart plus provides perfect support

● next generation intelligence

1) further improve the intelligent technology

through Melfa smart plus, we can achieve high precision, shorten the start-up time, strengthen the cooperation with visual sensors, and make the intelligent robot easier to use and achieve a higher level of operation through the evolution of force sensors

2) realize difficult automation

make effective use of intelligent technology to realize automation of previous operation procedures that are difficult and can only be carried out by hand

● fa-it integration

1) strengthen collaboration with the company's FA products

connect, collaborate and seamlessly integrate with MELSEC iq-r series and other FA products to support FA integration solution e- F@ctory It systems and robots

2) promote factory intelligence

by combining with FA products, we can realize highly flexible processing and manufacturing according to production conditions, which can improve production efficiency, maintainability and reduce TCO (total cost of ownership)

● safety

1) improve the safety functions for human-computer cooperation

configure rich safety functions such as position speed monitoring function and safety logic function to realize the cooperative operation between robots and people

2) further improve production efficiency

realize the cooperation between robots and people through safety functions, and realize simpler and safer automation. By saving space and reducing stop time, an intelligent chemical plant that takes into account production efficiency and flexibility is realized

Mitsubishi Electric robot and robot solutions effectively solve various puzzles and diverse needs on the production site. As a leading manufacturer, Mitsubishi Electric has extensive sales performance in automotive parts, electrical/electronic, liquid crystal/semiconductor, research and other fields. Tong can connect 10 actuators at the same time to work synchronously. It has achieved high-precision action with the highest level of high-speed movement, high-rigid arms, and intelligent solutions for high-speed assembly operations. It pursues the optimization of factory configuration and successfully realizes the industry-leading production process

having learned so much about Melfa FR series industrial robots, you must have a more intuitive understanding of Mitsubishi Electromechanical. If you want to expand a broader future with Mitsubishi Electromechanical, welcome to E- F@ctory District consulting services. Professional staff, give you professional answers

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