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Dr. Schneider will build a second plant in the United States according to European automotive, Dr. Schneider automotive systems, a manufacturer of German parts that can produce laminated parts on site, recently announced that it will spend US $29million (about US $22million) to build a second plant in the United States

the operation of recycled plastic granulator touches a wide range of areas of the national economy. The new plant is located in Russell springs, Kentucky, and is expected to be put into operation in 2014. Russell springs is 180 kilometers away from Ford's factory in Louisville, Kentucky, and 500 to 600 kilometers away from Mercedes Benz's factory in Alabama and BMW's factory in South Carolina

Wilhelm Wirth, a member of the board of directors of Dr. Schneider automotive systems, said: we are convinced that building a new factory in this region will enable us to cooperate with customers such as Mercedes Benz, BMW and Ford with higher efficiency, and also win new partners

Dr. Schneider was founded in 1927, headquartered in Kronach, Germany, and mainly focuses on the design and production of plastic interior parts for automobiles; The company has about 2800 employees, and its sales in 2012 reached 335million US dollars

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