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How to prevent the loss of information personnel

with the deepening of enterprise information work, how to retain information personnel has become the focus of enterprises. According to the working experience in the enterprise for so many years, talk about some superficial understandings. Most of the enterprise's information personnel have participated in the implementation process of the enterprise's information engineering, and this implementation process provides good practical experience for the information personnel. Therefore, the information implementation personnel will be more favored by the software company than the general software programmers, and they will face more temptations, The slightest carelessness of the enterprise will cause the loss of personnel

in order to retain information 1, enterprises must pay attention to some problems. The professional quality of information personnel is relatively high, and they will understand the various processes of the enterprise through the process of information implementation

they will be more likely to accept advanced management concepts than others, so enterprises should pay enough attention to them, not only play their role in the implementation process, but also fully reflect their value in daily management work

many enterprises will set up special information technology departments, but these departments often only show their role when the enterprise has information technology projects, which actually undermines the enthusiasm of information technology personnel who believe that the product will be sold in bancassurance channels. It will make their electronic universal experimental machine itself not a small piece of equipment, which is not valued, and it is easy for them to have the idea of job hopping

our approach is to let these informatization personnel go deep into all departments. They are no longer pure informatization personnel. At the same time, they are also the business backbone of all departments. Let them closely combine informatization work with the business work of all departments, and provide corresponding positions according to their work performance. Compared with other business personnel, informatization personnel have more room for improvement and more opportunities, Because what enterprises need now is compound talents

at the same time, when enterprises carry out some technological transformation and work related to informatization, we should fully listen to the opinions of informatization personnel, give play to their role, and let them more realize the importance that enterprises attach to them

in addition, we will also attract informatization personnel by means of increasing salary and providing benefits, but this is not the most important means. It is more to let informatization personnel see hope, fully combine their interests with the interests of the enterprise, and make them willing to develop with the development of the enterprise

of course, this is just a practice at the enterprise level. Information technology work is a relatively new job. Information technology personnel are also a young team. They face great pressure and many opportunities. They hope to get more compensation and better conditions are understandable. We understand these, and we will respect their choices. Everyone has their own aspirations, and we will wish them a better future

in a word, we have a peaceful attitude towards the loss of information personnel. We focus on guidance rather than interception, and pay attention to them but are not controlled by them

let them closely combine the information work with the business work of each department, and continuously improve their influence, and provide corresponding positions according to their work performance. (end)

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