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How to prevent industrial interconnection from becoming a "chicken feather in one place"? These three "bottlenecks" need to be broken through

at a national offline Salon of 5g+ industrial interconnection application end held by 5g industrial era data center (TD), professionals made an in-depth discussion on how to truly implement industrial but non-toxic industrial interconnection, Its view is quite worthy of consideration and attention:

the actual problems that software service providers recognize that the industrial interconnection and manufacturing industry have to face and solve every day sometimes have great deviations, because the dimensions are different, and often after several years of digitalization, the results are nothing

although there are few words, the facts are not too much. Many times, the so-called high technology has no place in the factory. Even if there is, it will not be able to solve the actual problems of the enterprise because of the mismatch of needs. There are countless examples, which make people sigh

on the one hand, industrial interconnection is a starting point for the digital transformation of industrial enterprises, which can be said to be the only way. It has become a consensus that all participating enterprises are also laying out around different innovation points. Each enterprise is emphasizing its uniqueness. Platform enterprises also continue to claim how many customers they have connected and how many industries they have served, which looks very lively

on the other hand, the overall implementation of industrial interconnection is not good. In the research of 5g industrial era (TD), most enterprises are not clear about the value points brought by industrial interconnection. In fact, there are many disappointed with it. Some even say that the current industrial interconnection is still a false proposition, and most of the onlookers cannot see the effect of its practical application

the direction is very clear. After the frequent occurrence of black swans such as the epidemic, the certainty of digital transformation is more prominent. However, industrial interconnection has many different ways, and a little carelessness may lead to a pit. Why do you say so

1. The concept has not yet taken root in industry

in the research of 5g industry era (TD), we found some interesting phenomena:

a traditional enterprise with a revenue of more than 10 billion, automation has been in the forefront, but when it comes to industrial interconnection, the relevant person in charge admitted that he did not know much; A mechanical equipment manufacturer with a revenue of 200million yuan claims to have done a lot in informatization, and even independently developed the MES system and is ready to sell it to its peers; Some practitioners who originally studied industrial interconnection turned negative or became pessimistic after hitting the wall and suffering losses

after careful exploration, these phenomena all point to one reason: the concept of industrial interconnection has not landed in industrial enterprises as we expected, or is it suspended in midair

therefore, what you think you know may not be very well understood; Those who have landing foundation do not know how to start; Those who once stepped on the pit began to hide from the doctor

it seems that the concept of industrial interconnection is shouted at the government. In industrial enterprises, the concept of industrial interconnection is not as real as digitalization and informatization. Some insiders spoke frankly about their feelings

indeed, in recent years, there are too many concepts for the manufacturing upgrading and transformation of industrial enterprises, including industry 4.0, intelligent manufacturing, digitalization, industrial interconnection, high-quality development, industrial interconnection, and the recent hot carbon neutralization, not to mention Industrial people. Even some so-called experts, it is not easy to completely digest these concepts. In fact, although they have talked for many years, It is still a difficulty to introduce the concept of industrial interconnection into industrial enterprises

compared with visible automation transformation, invisible industrial interconnection is difficult to believe and understand. Therefore, no one wants to be the first person to eat crabs. There are many voices like:

we will only go there if there are specific landing cases and we can see substantive results

because we don't have the cost of trial and error

there is another important reason why the concept is difficult to take root in industry: for industrial interconnection, every enterprise is crossing the river by feeling the stone, and there is no established mode and path to choose. The scope of industrial interconnection is so extensive that there has been a saying in the industry that industrial interconnection is not an industry, but an industry

previously, in the 5g industry era, it was said in "the fog of 5g+ industrial interconnection that although the optical properties of materials are the most important, the wettability and permeability of materials are extremely important to protect the tear film on the cornea and the health of eyes". After meeting more and more enterprise executives, we are more and more confused, which is our first feeling: the software of informatization is industrial interconnection, and the platform is also industrial interconnection, So, is it industrial interconnection to sell a pass

enterprises with different backgrounds, segments and positioning have different perceptions of industrial interconnection. Behind this generalized concept is the chaos in the initial stage of industrial interconnection exploration. Next, industrial interconnection may experience a stage of conceptual reconstruction

for example, industrial interconnection in a narrow sense is more about production, landing and manufacturing. In industrial interconnection, people pay attention to the matching and circulation of supply and demand, so we often hear the words of empowerment, upgrading and transformation

relevant experts believe that industrial interconnection = Industrial IOT + industrial interconnection, that is, industrial IOT + cloud computing + big data processing + artificial intelligence constitute a comprehensive technology for industry

Internet enterprises such as Alibaba and Tencent prefer to connect the whole industrial chain and build an ecosystem in their understanding of industrial interconnection. Li Na, senior industry director of Alibaba cloud's global technology service department, believes that industrial interconnection in a broad sense realizes the full link from intelligent infrastructure equipment to technical capabilities to commercial platforms; General manager of Tencent industrial cloud said that industrial interconnection is the connector between traditional enterprises and emerging industries

2. As we all know, China's manufacturing industry basically started from OEM, which is at the bottom of the smile curve, the dirtiest and most tiring, but the profit is very thin. In recent years, raw materials and labor costs have risen, making this dilemma of the manufacturing industry more prominent

when it comes to the international situation, the outflow of factories and the trend of anti globalization have increased the sense of urgency of seeking change. Facing a two-way squeeze, where should China's manufacturing industry go? Intelligent manufacturing has become the only way out, and industrial interconnection has become an important support for intelligent manufacturing

however, in the manufacturing industry where rigid demand coexists with pain points, business is not easy to do. It is precisely because of low profits that most enterprises simply do not have excess funds for digital transformation. A customs clearance of thousands of Yuan feels expensive, not to mention the information system of millions and tens of millions

it is reported that Midea has invested nearly 20billion yuan in digital transformation, and this investment only makes Midea enter the Digital 2.0 era

extremely low profits also make industrial enterprises generally very sensitive to input and output. You can try it once a year, but you can't push it for more than two years

the input and output are seriously not proportional, which makes many industrial interconnection projects still stay in the stage of model projects and face projects. Many Kanban projects have been made, but there are few projects that really use digitalization to solve practical problems. Although the country has indeed established some pilot demonstration projects of industrial interconnection, the projects after implementation are more for demonstration

in addition, the cost of maintenance and trial and error is too high, which also makes many enterprises who have been on the system complain repeatedly. Many companies have bought various systems and recruited a group of people. They may use this one this year and change another one next year if they feel it is inappropriate. They change from brand a to brand B and then to brand C, and finally come to the conclusion that this software is not easy to use. After the system was installed, not only did it cost time, energy and money, but also the profits did not go up

Wu Hequan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and a famous communication expert, also said recently that many enterprises often buy some software and things, but later find that they have little effect, so they retreat, which is actually impossible to give play to the efficiency of industrial interconnection. Industrial interconnection requires enterprises to invest seriously, and this investment is not only money, but also intelligence and process reengineering of the whole factory

3. Digitalization cannot be limited to the first-hand project

previously, there has been a view in the industry that digitalization is the first-hand project, and if the first-hand project is not promoted, digitalization will be difficult to promote

5g industry era also realized this problem at first. People in the information department often want to promote it, but decision makers are limited to various risk considerations and fail to make decisions, which is also a common problem in daily life

however, the deeper we understand, the more we find that digitalization is not only a top-level project, but also a "pre drop hammer" key: it is obviously inappropriate to press this key to attribute the difficulty of digitalization to the failure of enterprise decision makers to have a deep vision

in the on-site meeting of the Lighthouse of the world economic forum on March 17, Fang Hongbo, President of Midea Group, mentioned that digitalization is not a matter of a department or a person. It is a matter that affects the whole body. It is every business unit of the enterprise and everyone should participate. In this way, the future of Midea can be truly driven by data

for this reason, in addition to promoting the participation of every employee, it is also necessary to promote employees to have digital thinking, and realize the digitalization of employees' working methods through the application of advanced technology. Midea needs to invest a lot of resources in employee digital education, training, transformation, etc., including value concepts

since it is the behavior of all employees, the problems involved are more complex. In fact, in the process of promoting industrial interconnection, the human problem is indeed very thorny

at the beginning of expanding customers, customers, especially middlemen customers, were afraid of being revolutionized by the Internet. He always thinks whether you play o2o or didi taxi. Your appearance will lead to the disappearance of a certain group, so I can't let industrial Internet companies such as mushroom IOT grow bigger, and I want to trip you up, In the industry of industrial interconnection, we don't always want to kill someone, but to unite someone

in addition to being afraid of being replaced, another reason is that some enterprises have some gray interest chains. When they are not on the system, they can carry out black box operations, because digitalization means transparency, which violates the interests of some people to some extent. Therefore, even if they are on the system, they will find fault in all kinds of ways, no matter whether they are used well or not

although some insiders are still not optimistic about industrial interconnection, there are indeed some pain points and difficulties in its implementation. In addition to the above, there are many industries with low degree of standardization, digital transformation is time-consuming and laborious, and may not be effective in the short term; How to break the information island and how to generate value of data after the enterprise is on the information system

for digital transformation, some enterprises usually go to some well-known companies to hire some people to be responsible for the digital completion of the reciprocating change of samples, fatigue experimentation and intelligent manufacturing, but because of some of the plans they mentioned, it is difficult to be implemented in enterprises in the short term, and the information technology department is

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