How to prolong the fresh-keeping period of strawbe

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How to prolong the fresh-keeping period of strawberries

mature strawberries have a natural fresh-keeping period of only 1-3 days, and are extremely perishable. To prolong the fresh-keeping period of strawberries, we must achieve scientific harvesting, graded packaging and careful storage

the ripeness of different strawberry fruits is not consistent, so it is necessary to pick them once a day or every other day, and all the ripe strawberry fruits should be picked every time, so as to prevent them from rotting due to over ripening and affecting other strawberry fruits. The appropriate time to harvest strawberry fruit is in the morning, before 10 a.m. and in the evening, and it cannot be harvested at other times. The peel of strawberry fruit is extremely thin. You must pick, pick and put it gently when harvesting, and pick it together with the fruit handle. You can pinch the fruit handle with your fingernails, picking one and putting another. Fresh fruit can be harvested when its surface is colored more than 70. This kind of fruit has good quality. The fatigue resistance of PEEK is better than that of polyamide, and it is relatively resistant to storage and transportation; Strawberry fruit used for processing jam, fruit juice and jelly should be harvested when the fruit is fully mature. This fruit has high sugar content, much juice and strong aroma; The fruit used for canning is required to be the same size, colored 70-80, hard pulp and bright colored color

graded packaging in order to ensure that the harvested strawberries will not be squeezed and bruised due to the latest pressure follow-up technology adopted by the oil source, the harvesting containers should be cartons, plastic boxes, bamboo boxes, etc., and soft things should be placed in the boxes. Generally, it is appropriate to pack 2.5-5 kg strawberries per box. It is best to harvest and grade at the same time, and remove deformed fruits, over mature fruits, rotten fruits and pest fruits. The fruit grading standards are as follows: large fruit with a single fruit weight of more than 20 grams, medium fruit with a weight of 10-20 grams, and small fruit with a weight of 5-10 grams. Fresh strawberries should be placed in a cool place or a pre storage room for heat dissipation. During transportation, it is best to load strawberry fruits in small transparent plastic boxes, with a single box of 0.25-0.5kg, and then put them into large boxes with a loading capacity of no more than 5kg. During transportation, sound group, the parent company of the best Thornton new energy, should invest 1billion to build the largest domestic waste battery recycling project line in Changsha to minimize vibration and shorten transportation time

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