How to prolong the service life of diesel generato

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How to prolong the service life of diesel generator parts

methods to prolong the service life of diesel generator parts:

the root cause of damage to parts is not only product quality problems, but also improper use of the machine, untimely and incorrect maintenance. Here are some measures taken to prolong the service life of the couple for reference

1. Strictly implement the fuel sedimentation and filtration system, and the injected diesel oil can only be used after precipitation for at least 48 hours. The diesel oil used shall conform to the standard model specified in the season. The refueling tools should be clean and special. The place where the oil is filled and stored should also be clean, so as to prevent dirt from mixing with the fuel, which will accelerate the wear of the coupling and reduce the service life of the coupling. 2. Formulate strict technical maintenance specifications. Clean the fuel filter every 100 hours and the oil tank every 500 hours. If the filter element is found to be broken, the loss effect is 3 The zigzag process needs to be replaced in a safe and stable movement in time. It is not allowed to remove it, but to use DC oil supply. Even parts should be disassembled and inspected once after working for 500 hours under normal working conditions. During disassembly and inspection, ensure that the place, hands, tools and cleaning oil are clean to prevent even parts from being polluted. It is not allowed to knock and beat randomly during the disassembly operation, and do not pile and place randomly during the cleaning. It is not allowed to wash together with other non matching parts, so as to avoid bruises and scratches. Do not change the assembly position at will during assembly, which may cause noise due to aging of the equipment and achieve some purposes that do not meet the working requirements of the machine. When installing the tight seat of the oil outlet valve and the tight cap of the oil nozzle, it should be tightened according to the specified torque to ensure that the assembled fuel injector and fuel injection pump are in good technical condition. 3. In addition to the above requirements, we should also improve the understanding of the dual parts, understand the structural characteristics and working principle of the dual parts, strengthen and improve the maintenance, operation and use of the dual parts, do not adjust at will when there is no fault, do not disassemble regularly according to the system fault during maintenance and use, do not knock and hit randomly during maintenance and inspection, and do not rub and touch randomly during cleaning and maintenance, When assembling and adjusting, do not change the sound pipe randomly. The simple method of insertion loss measurement in the laboratory under the condition of no airflow is gb/t16405 ⑴ 996 screwing. Everything is carried out according to the technical requirements of the specification, so as to achieve the purpose of extending its service life

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