How to process the hottest banana powder into dry

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It is reported that banana powder is produced in Taiwan, but it has not appeared in China. I am afraid it is because of the high requirements of technology and equipment and the low yield. Through this design and processing technology, it is as follows:

1 Raw material treatment: bananas that need to be fully mature. Only bananas that reach edible maturity have complete color, flavor and browning degree. Peel the banana. If the size of mold hole and door is still correct, protect the color

2. Color protection treatment: bananas can be immediately sliced and soaked in the antioxidant and bleach solution, or immersed in the above solution without slicing for 10-15 minutes. The bleach is 0.2% sodium bisulfite, or it can be treated with sulfur fumigation. Burning pure sulfur in a cubic meter of volume for 15 minutes requires about 10-15 grams of sulfur, and its sulfur dioxide concentration is about 1%, which can achieve the purpose of color protection

3. Drying: drying at 60 ℃. At this temperature, the drying time is very long, and the loss of aromatic substances is too large. Conditional factories use low-temperature vacuum freeze-drying equipment, put banana slices on a shallow plate, put them into the emergency freezing room, freeze them at -28 ℃ for 1 hour, and then in the low-temperature vacuum dryer, under the vacuum of 5-0.1 mm mercury column, the drying temperature is 10-40 ℃, the moisture of banana is sublimated, and the purpose of drying is achieved in a short time. The moisture content of the product is less than 3%

4. Crushing: put it in the environment with dehumidification device to grind it into powder, and then sift and fine grind it to get purple or light yellow banana powder

5. Packaging: whether the overflow valve piston of this product is dead or installed reversely. Due to low water content and easy moisture absorption, vacuum or nitrogen filling sealing packaging is required, and low temperature and low humidity conditions are required in storage or circulation

⑶ measure the sample size (original gauge length and original cross-sectional area of the sample) 6 Eating method: when eating, directly add sterilized water to make a drink, or quantitatively add it to other foods as health food raw materials

(Pan Huisheng, Zhongkai Agricultural College)

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