How to print an airplane with a printing machine

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The industrial revolution in the late 18th century made it possible to produce products on a large scale, thus changing human economic and social life. Now, a new manufacturing technology is moving towards its opposite. Three dimensional printing technology makes the production of products cheap and convenient, thus reducing the production scale

3D printing works like this: first, design the pattern of the object to be printed on the computer screen, then design the shape and color, and finally press the print button. You can see a nearby machine with a nozzle that slowly prints out the items you need

the advantage of this technology is that there is no need to establish factories. Small items such as car parts, lampshades, violins and so on only need a small printer similar to a desktop computer, while large items such as bicycles, car dashboards, planes and so on need larger printers. People only need to control specific materials and precision in the process of printing without deterioration. This technology will lead to major changes in the manufacturing economy. Factories will no longer be needed in the future, and every village can produce everything it needs. Intellectual property rules will also be changed

3D printing is a new kind of special printing, which has broad development prospects. But in the process of printing, there are still three problems that need special attention:

1. How to make a stereogram

there are two methods, shooting with stereo camera or stereo design software, such as psdto3dv99 How to make a big picture? Stereoscopic image is a combination of plane images seen from multiple angles The more images, the clearer the effect and the better the sense of hierarchy For example, 75 line grating requires 9 pictures for stereo printing and 32 pictures for stereo printing (2400 DPI) Stereogram with huge amount of information Jinan Liangong notch broaching machine is equipped with a double station broach, which can be completed only by using special stereoscopic production software

2. How to output a large picture

the big picture has at least 3G. When you get the output from film company or CTP plate making center, you are told that the file is too large and rip interpretation is wrong What should I do? It is OK to use special stereo printing software. Stereo printing, because of the use of grating, it has directionality and magnification. In its all-round experimental machine, there are too many operating sequences in the system, and the accuracy is divided into horizontal accuracy and vertical accuracy. The higher the lateral accuracy, the better. The closer it is to the DPI of the output machine, the better, such as 240025404800 The vertical accuracy only needs 150dpi, which is enough. Psdto3d99 software has the function of outputting large pictures with high horizontal accuracy and low vertical accuracy. Can make your stereogram, stereoscopic sense is good, but the file is small

3. Why Superline V30 can improve the accuracy of stereoscopic printing by ten times? Horizontal output accuracy is ten times that of the original? Such as 2400 dpi

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