Three factors of improving printing quality

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Talking about the three factors to improve printing quality

generally, our quality management is mainly internal, and at most extends to our outsourcers and suppliers. The author believes that this is far from enough, or that we have forgotten the most critical customer

the whole structure of an enterprise serves customers, and quality is no exception. Therefore, customers are the starting point of our quality management. If we don't bring the communication with customers into the vision of effective quality management, how can we ensure that our quality direction is right from the beginning

customer flow

bring customers' needs into the vision of quality management

the key to printing quality is to effectively monitor the communication between enterprises and customers, between relevant departments within enterprises, and between upper and lower processes

the first is the communication between enterprises and customers. After entering the era of digital printing, the prepress production stage is basically achieved through computer typesetting software, binding design software, and laser phototypesetting system. Take the printing of books and periodicals as an example, the vast majority of publishing houses are equipped with relatively complete electronic publishing systems. Are the electronic documents of book editions, drawings, or films processed by publishing houses suitable for printing? Can the binding method and processing technology required for publishing be realized? And so on, if the communication is not done well, it will bring many problems to the subsequent printing processing. In particular, it will not only bring irreparable losses to the publishing house, but also a loss to the printing enterprise until the congenital defects in the design are found during the post press processing, or the problems occur after the finished books are delivered to the readers. Although the direct economic losses may be borne by the publishing house (because it is a design defect), the publishing house will refuse future cooperation because the printing house is not professional enough to find out in time and prevent this result through communication with customers. And because of the convenience of computer design and the innovation and difference of market competition, the artistic effect pursued may deviate from the printing process; Printing and other rice are cooked, and the salesperson provides all home services from publishing to returning the manuscript, even less to the scene; New processes and materials are changing with each passing day, and the adaptability in processing needs to be explored and tested; Moreover, compared with customers, the printing factory is at the downstream of the industrial chain, which makes it particularly important to fully communicate with customers in advance

the second is the communication between different departments and upper and lower processes within the enterprise. There is a strong correlation between the front and back processes in the production of printed matter. The overall design process must be carried out from the beginning of prepress, especially for some products that need special processing technology, and more attention should be paid to meeting the production requirements of each process. For example, how to make up the plates of hot stamping and die cutting products, how to arrange the printing jaws, and what to pay attention to when printing and glazing local UV products, we should consider in advance, so that the processes of the front and rear processes can be communicated, coordinated and coordinated. In case of new process or unstable factors, necessary tests shall be carried out, and corresponding preventive measures shall be formulated in advance

raw materials

quality directly determines the quality of prints

Tongrentang pays attention to taste. Although it is expensive, it will not dare to reduce material resources. McDonald's has standardized from the place where raw materials are produced, and has spared no effort in the control of raw materials. Printing raw materials include printing, binding materials and other raw materials and auxiliary materials, such as film, plate, paper, ink, blanket, hot melt adhesive, fountain solution, UV oil, etc. Among them, paper, ink, UV oil, hot melt adhesive, etc. directly constitute the finished printing products, and their quality will directly determine the quality of the printed matter. The participation of other auxiliary materials in a certain link of printing processing will also have an important impact on the quality of the printed matter. Various printing products have different requirements for printing effect. Some printing products require beautiful colors, while others require that when D1> 9, the size deviation and appearance quality are unqualified; The color is required to be soft. Some products need to be exposed outdoors for a long time. When choosing ink and paper, the sun fastness will be a performance index that needs special attention; When offset printing different kinds of products, the requirements for rubber blanket hardness are also different; According to different paper and seasons, hot melt adhesives have different models and characteristics, which should be selected pertinently. At the same time, we should pay attention to the storage of raw and auxiliary materials. Like paper storage, at present, the temperature and humidity control and dust prevention measures of many enterprise paper warehouses cannot meet the requirements, and some even store in the open air. It is impossible to talk about the control of temperature and humidity and dust prevention at all. As long as this is done, reducing paper consumption will have an adverse impact, and priority should be given to making the paper storage conditions meet the requirements

in addition, some chemical materials (such as various adhesives, films, film, ink, UV oil, blanket, etc.) should also meet the specified storage conditions, and also ensure the storage conditions of transferred products. Many printing enterprises have not paid enough attention to this point, and some even store it beside the aisle, which will not only affect the smoothness of the channel, but also adversely affect the processing quality of the next process. It may also be wrong and become a hidden danger of safety and fire protection

in fact, the direct and indirect economic losses brought by this aspect are much larger than the construction of high-standard paper warehouse and storage point of sequencing products. However, since this loss is distributed in many aspects, and no one specially analyzes it, everyone is used to it

at present, many printing enterprises do not pay much attention to the hanging and humidifying treatment of offset paper, as if they think this is an extra procedure. In fact, due to the poor printability of offset paper, if it is directly printed on the machine, it will seriously affect the overprint accuracy of the product, and even cause wrinkles, ghosting, ink color inconsistency and other faults. After hanging and humidity adjustment, it can not only blow out the paper dust and paper wool mixed in the paper, reduce the times of cleaning blanket and Feida paper feeding pause, but also basically stabilize the water content of the paper in the printing process, reduce paper deformation, improve production efficiency, reduce waste consumption, and improve printing quality

the author suggests that qualified printing enterprises should carry out instrument testing on the main raw and auxiliary materials, especially in the process of data and standardization when the vacuum meter pulls the two contacts of the arc extinguishing chamber apart by a certain opening distance. If this link is missing, many necessary data will only be subject to the data on the supplier's product description. If there is any error between the product performance and the actual, or there is any deviation in the quality stability of the product, Printing enterprises will not be able to find and take countermeasures in time

the operator

directly affects the whole process of printing processing

the author believes that the operator directly controls the whole process of printing processing, and all other factors also act on the final printing product through the operator. The quality consciousness, ability and diligence of the operator will directly affect the product quality. Therefore, it is the basic responsibility of managers to make operators have a strong sense of quality, appropriate operation ability and hardworking quality

the formation and strengthening of quality awareness depends on the appropriate quality environment and a fair and just distribution system. First of all, operators should have a consistent quality concept. If the operation and management team does not reach a consensus on quality, the managers of business undertaking, production scheduling, quality management department and production workshop will play their respective roles; The top operator's business philosophy swings. His business has been ignoring quality for a long time, and he only pursues delivery time. When his business is affected, he wants to pay attention to quality; For distribution, we only pay attention to output, regardless of quality, or the proportion of quality is inconsistent with the efforts of employees. In this case, it is impossible to cultivate a consistent strong sense of quality among operators. Secondly, quality awareness education should be combined with the study and mastery of quality standards, the summary and promotion of advanced and applicable operation standards, and the adoption of applicable equipment, detectors and measuring tools, processes, etc. don't empty emphasize quality awareness, let alone know heavy punishment when there is a problem regardless of the reason. Third, quality awareness education should be combined with the improvement of enterprise quality system, the improvement of quality management system and the operation of quality management mechanism to promote synchronously

to sum up, printing quality involves many aspects, such as timely communication in all aspects, equipment, technology, process, process management, scientific and reasonable scheduling, quality management system construction, quality on-site management, production environment, appropriate testing instruments, means and analysis methods, etc. every link should be taken seriously, and our printing quality can be greatly improved

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