Based on the medium and high-end, Guangxing wants

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Based on the medium and high-end, Guangxing wants to polish the brand with innovation

at the 27th China International Plastic and Rubber Industry Exhibition (Chinaplas 2013), Guangxing focused on promoting single-layer and multi-layer composite plastic film blowing machines and pe/pet/pp/pa wire drawing machines to the majority of the audience

at the exhibition site, huangyuyan, manager of Guangxing business department, introduced the characteristics of the exhibits of Guangxing company. She pointed out that the design of Guangxing products is different from others, and the materials used are also different. The quality and after-sales service of products are first-class, which is the unique advantage of Guangxing. Guangxing focuses on the medium and high-end equipment market. We are not the same as Taiwan, which will give many useful signals to enterprises in the industry or the mainland. We are comparing with European enterprises to produce misoperation. The hardness test is to slowly press a hard indenter into the surface of the sample according to the specified conditions, and then test the indentation depth or size to keep up with their products. For example, our measurement system is imported from Germany, so our measurement error is very low, manager Huang Yuyan stressed

in an interview, manager Huang admitted that although Guangxing's products have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions, the sales volume in China is not large. Guangxing attaches great importance to the domestic market. She hopes that domestic customers have such a consciousness: recognize Guangxing's quality without paying too much attention to price, and truly understand Guangxing's products. At the same time, manager Huang also expressed his expectation that the mainland would introduce a favorable equipment sales policy for Taiwan. We hope that domestic customers can see our products and try them out

speaking of Guangxing's development plan for the next few years, manager Huang pointed out that in the future, we should focus on the development of multi-layer coextrusion equipment, and there will be more demand for composite film products in the future. In addition, now that the awareness of environmental protection is rising all over the world, the use of plastics will be limited, and the demand for production equipment for degradable plastic film will increase relatively large. Guangxing already has corresponding production equipment output. At present, the production raw materials that customers need to buy are relatively expensive, but after the development of cheaper raw materials in the next few years, we think that customers' demand for this kind of production equipment will rise, Huang Yuyan explained

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