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Intelligent command and control center with the rapid development and popularization of modern information technology, LED display splicing screen has become a necessary weapon for the intelligent command and control center to improve efficiency. It undertakes the tasks of information collection, exchange, processing and control of measurement and control and data collection. In monitoring and command, video 1, host maintenance: frequency consultation, remote training, emergency command Analysis, research and judgment are playing an increasingly important role

in 2017, the large screen of the new County digital urban management command center was completed and put into use. It adopts the voury Zhuohua small spacing Hercules series zhvw-250 LED display screen, which has been highly praised by all leaders for its seamless splicing, ultra-high contrast, ultra-high refresh rate, rich display colors and other advantages

voury Zhuohua small spacing Hercules series zhvw-250 LED display improves the contrast of LED screen, so that it will not affect the low gray display due to other factors of reflector in dark conditions, and enhances the visual effect of LED display. The exquisite display unit ensures the consistency of point spacing, and the picture is uniform without separation, black lines, and missing information, so as to realize the real seamless splicing screen. With its technical advantages of progressiveness and reliability, the p2.5 LED display of the small spacing Hercules series of voury Zhuohua can partially enlarge the experimental curve, and Midea solves various problems of users in the display field. With high-quality products, perfect solutions and all-weather after-sales services, the smooth operation of the whole large screen system of the new County digital urban management command center is guaranteed

voury Zhuohua high-definition LED display large screen display system has been in trial operation in the digital urban management command center of Xinxian County for a period of time. It uses high-density and surface mount packaging as the display panel, and realizes the dynamic supervision of various situations that the whole system needs to display by integrating computer system, multi screen processing technology, signal switching technology, network technology and other application processing and integration functions, And real-time multi screen display and analysis of signals from various signal sources such as computers, cameras, DVD videos and networks. The small spacing LED display has an ultra wide viewing angle, which can be displayed perfectly at any angle. The larger the viewing angle of the screen is, the clearer and more uniform the image of the screen rupture intensity experiment machine screen viewed on the left and right sides of the screen and in the up and down directions is. The small spacing LED display screen is an original wide viewing angle technology, which has an ultra wide viewing angle ≥ 170 degrees in both vertical and horizontal directions, and the display coverage area is larger

voury Zhuohua focuses on the overall solution of indoor splicing screen large screen display and splicing control. The intelligent command and control system is suitable for high-end monitoring and command centers. With the expansion of the demand for visual appearance aesthetics of information, the large screen splicing system has become an indispensable core basic system for information visualization in some important places such as government auditoriums, monitoring centers, command centers, and adjustment centers

based on technology as the core, voury Zhuohua small spacing and micro spacing LED display and display control system has the advantages of strong reliability, high cost performance, high brightness, strong environmental adaptability, intelligent control and other advantages. With software, it provides powerful professional services such as information, transmission, release and management, so as to comprehensively improve the level of monitoring and command management, comprehensively improve the efficiency of control, decision-making efficiency and effect, and save costs, Greatly enhance the image

voury Zhuohua promotes the informatization development of the monitoring and command center, effectively improves the ease of use of the splicing screen, and improves the user experience. In public security, transportation, electric power, park management, network security, aerospace and other occasions, it helps managers in various industries and fields to improve their intelligent monitoring, command and decision-making ability from business management, early warning, command and scheduling, analysis, research and judgment and other aspects. Through the connection with the public security traffic police, fire control, urban management, government affairs and other systems, voury Zhuohua truly intelligently realizes the real-time display and monitoring of all kinds of information, so that the command center, supervision center and leaders at all levels can intuitively grasp the urban event information, business handling information, comprehensive evaluation information and other information in each region, and can timely and effectively mobilize all kinds of resources, so as to ensure the normal operation of the entire intelligent command and control center, Improve the efficiency of command and decision-making

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