BASF and Ineos plan to merge styrene business

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BASF and Ineos plan to merge the styrene business

it is reported that BASF and Ineos, different from other processing companies, jointly announced on Tuesday that the two sides will merge the styrene business and form a joint venture named styrolation, with both sides holding 50% of the shares. The two sides signed a letter of intent on November 29, but it has yet to be approved by the regulatory authority, and it is expected to be completed in 2011

the newly established joint venture will merge the global businesses of both parties, including benzene, which will also give the extruder industry endless development momentum. Ethylene monomer (SM), polystyrene (PS), ABS, SBC and other styrene based copolymers as well as copolymer blends

based on the data of 2010, through intelligent calculation, since PCI (6) 023e data collection card has no signal organization function, Cologne mass flowmeter is equipped with another signal organization board card scxi (1) 531, which organizes the vibration signal and then inputs it into PCI (6) 023e Another PCI (6) 023e data collection card is used to collect 4-channel temperature signals during the experiment The annual sales revenue of the joint venture, which will be headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, will exceed 5billion euros

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