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Zhongshan LED fluorescent lamp manufacturer

Zhongshan LED fluorescent lamp manufacturer

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with the continuous development of the business society, Zhongshan LED fluorescent lamp manufacturer has increasingly strong requirements for reducing the cost ratio. More and more people have noticed that factory office lighting can promote employees to work better, make employees work more enjoyable, and the national requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction

led fluorescent lamp LED fluorescent lamp will not produce ultraviolet light, so there will not be many mosquitoes around the lamp source like traditional lamps. The interior will become cleaner and tidy. The traditional fluorescent lamp is lit by the high voltage released by the rectifier. When the voltage decreases, it cannot be lit. LED lamps can light up within a certain range of voltage (80v-245v), including ships, automobiles, rail transit, new energy and machinery, and can also adjust the brightness

the power consumption of LED fluorescent lamp is less than one-third of that of traditional fluorescent lamp, and its service life is 10 times that of traditional fluorescent lamp. It can be used for a long time without replacement, reducing the labor cost. It is more suitable for occasions that are difficult to replace. LED fluorescent lamp is solid and safe

led fluorescent lamp the reason why the light-emitting body of LED fluorescent lamp has light decay is that most of the materials of the light-emitting body age after a long time of work. Any light-emitting material needs energy supply when working. The most commonly used energy is electric energy. All bulbs we use are without exception to convert electric energy into heat and light energy, that is, any light-emitting element will generate heat

therefore, the material of light-emitting elements will age under long-term and continuous high temperature, and the aging of the material will directly affect the luminous efficiency of the light-emitting materials. We usually find that the fluorescent powder of fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps will blacken after long-term use, which indicates that the fluorescent powder is aging. The more serious the aging, the lower the luminous efficiency and the greater the light attenuation. Therefore, to control the speed of light attenuation, we need to choose high-quality light-emitting materials and elements

LED fluorescent lamp when designing the circuit of Zhongshan LED fluorescent lamp, the temperature of the luminous material should be controlled as much as possible, and the temperature control of the luminous material will also play a significant role in reducing the light attenuation At present, LED fluorescent lamps are generally made of blue chip and yellow phosphor, and SEBS foaming materials are characterized by excellent elasticity, plasticity that thermosetting materials lack, recyclability of waste materials and other white light. The stability of the chip and the design of heat dissipation will play the most important role in light attenuation. To change light attenuation, the first thing is to start with the chip

second, we should start from the aspect of heat dissipation. Good heat dissipation will greatly reduce the light attenuation of LED. Secondly, the control of power supply current is also very important in product application. What led needs to achieve is that the constant current power supply is not a constant voltage power supply, because of the temperature characteristics of the PN junction of LED. When the temperature increases, the current will increase, the voltage drop will decrease, and when the current increases, the temperature of the chip will also rise. Such characteristics will be very detrimental to LED, Therefore, controlling the constant current is the most critical

at present, the common LED fluorescent lamp manufacturers basically refer to the fluorescent lamps of T8 and T10 for design in terms of appearance and size. The main difference lies in the different materials of the light source. The LED lamp has a built-in power supply (some are designed as external power supply), while the traditional double ended fluorescent lamp is excited by an external ballast

from an electrical point of view, LED tubes are not only light sources, but also very similar to lamps. It should not only meet the requirements for the size, heat resistance and fire resistance of the lamp cap in the safety of double ended fluorescent lamps, but also meet the requirements for the structure, internal lines, creepage distance and electrical clearance, insulation and electrical strength, heat resistance and fire resistance of the whole lamp and the built-in LED driving power supply in the lamp standard

no matter what kind of LED lighting products Zhongshan LED fluorescent lamp is, the most important link is the driving power supply. A driving power supply with high efficiency, low heating and good stability is particularly important for LED lighting products, and LED fluorescent lamps are no exception. Now we have two general schemes, isolation and non isolation. Let's have a discussion about the non isolation driving power supply

the characteristics of non isolated drive power supply generally need to achieve constant current and wide voltage, that is, the city voltage V is universal, which is very common. It also needs low power consumption, high efficiency, and in some cases, it also requires high power factor, and has the requirements of open circuit and short circuit hr=100-e protection, output overvoltage protection, high load capacity, etc. at the same time, it also needs to adopt some safe designs and physical insulation methods for the parts involving drive power supply, Even when using non isolated drive power supply, it can achieve absolute safety

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