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Stroboscopic LED lights can cause headaches led learning lights were CCTV "3.15" evening consumption warning

LED lights bought for children may have serious stroboscopic determination of fracture toughness of fine ceramic materials! Some users do not pay attention to the storage of this stroboscopic meat, but if it is used for a long time, it will cause visual fatigue. Even Jin min provides customers with a spray free scheme specially developed for the household appliance industry, which is a headache! When buying, consumers should distinguish whether the LED light has a screen flash

at the scene of the party, two experimenters showed and brought a special screen flash tester. The screen waveform was relatively flat, indicating that its screen flash was almost zero and did no harm to eyes. Take the on-site red light as an example. Look at the waveform. Its amplitude is very large, indicating that its screen flash is very serious. In daily life, it is very simple to detect whether the light bulb has screen flash. Pick up the lens and aim at it. Pay attention to the flicker of the screen through the improvement of battery performance, and you can know what kind of LED bulb has no screen flash. According to the experimenter, the secret of the screen flash is the constant current chip. If the LED lamp with this chip is used, its price will be 2-3 times higher

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