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Led factory light has actively transformed, and the loss in the first half of the year has shrunk

LED factory light has actively transformed in recent years. In reducing blue light LEDs and improving niche products, including for medical beauty, sterilization and stage markets, the company announced its second quarter results. The cumulative loss in the first half of this year was significantly reduced compared with the same period last August 18, 2014. The stock price has continued to strengthen recently. Recently, the stock price has challenged to stand above the 20 yuan (New Taiwan dollar, the same below) level

in the first half of last year, the after tax net loss of Guangyu was 51 million yuan, and the after tax net loss per share in the first half of last year was 0.51 yuan. However, the company recently announced that after being reviewed by accountants in the first half of this year, its financial statements showed a cumulative revenue of 559 million yuan in the first half of this year, an operating gross profit of 8217 million yuan, a gross profit margin of 14.69%, a net operating loss of 17.51 million yuan, a profit ratio of -3.13%, a loss before tax of 17.56 million yuan, a net loss after tax of 17.7 million yuan in the first half of this year, and a cumulative net loss after tax of -0.18 yuan per share in the first half of this year, However, compared with the current same period last year, the amount of losses was significantly reduced

photoluminescence has reduced the proportion of blue LED in recent years, and transformed into niche fields such as quaternion and UV. Its chips with UV wavelength can be used in medical beauty, mosquito trap lamp, nail baking, stage lamp, sewage treatment, etc. UVA solidification is the main application. Later, it developed UVC products and stepped into the sterilization field of people's livelihood industry

in addition, Hon Hai Group's LED stock rongchuang took a stake in LED epitaxial and grain manufacturer Guangxing in 2018, and became Guangxing's largest legal shareholder to strengthen its technology and capacity in the front stage of LED manufacturing, and began mass production and supply of mini led in the first quarter of 2020, which is also the reason why the market is optimistic about the future. With the injection of group resources, Guangxing's future operation prospects are worth looking forward to this year

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