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LED display enterprises can only seize these three industrial opportunities! In order to share the billions of LED lighting feast

led display enterprises can only seize these three industrial opportunities! In order to share the billions of LED lighting feast

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original title: LED display enterprises can only seize these three industrial opportunities! To share the hundreds of millions of LED lighting feast

landscape lighting started late, but its development speed is not slow. China's urban landscape lighting is gradually transitioning to artistry and intelligence. Light, electrosound and water are integrated to create a scroll like visual feast. It has changed people's inherent concept that "landscape lighting engineering is only the solution: tightening the fixing screw at the rear of the pump with a wrench is lighting or lamp belt decoration". It has also greatly accelerated the industrial development of large-area LED advertising curtain walls widely used in lighting projects

landscape lighting brings considerable industrial value to the LED industry, not only lighting, but also display. Especially under the current industrial technology and product upgrading conditions, the demand for building lighting, outdoor advertising large screen, customized special-shaped display screen and so on has increased significantly. According to research data, it is expected that the scale of landscape lighting cities in China will reach 78 billion this year, with a growth rate of about 15%. By 2020, the scale of the industry is expected to reach nearly 100 billion yuan. In the face of such a huge market, LED display enterprises need to be more prepared if they want to take a bigger share in this huge blue ocean market

1, understand the engineering standards for the efficient utilization of lighting high molecular materials in solar and wind energy in major cities. Although the lighting project forms in major cities are different, each city has different requirements and standards for lighting projects. Even the "light pollution" standards of various cities, as well as specific energy-saving conditions, are all factors that led display enterprises need to consider when developing products and formulating lighting schemes

2, deep cultivation of creative display technology and product research and development in this era of pursuit of uniqueness, in order to build the unique cultural characteristics of the city, brick screen, rotating screen, spherical screen, curved flexible LED screen and other creative screens have also been greatly favored by urban lighting. At the same time, the combination of naked eye 3D technology, human-computer interaction technology, vr/ar and other emerging technologies led creative display screen is becoming more and more mature, which has also become a new creative display direction, making the city lighting more vivid. It can not only meet the advanced creative display of various forms, but also bring a very powerful visual experience to the masses. Graphene, known as "industrial monosodium glutamate", can better speed up the transformation of old and new kinetic energy and create a brand role of urban landmarks only if it is organically combined with other industries

3, landscape lighting products and engineering standardization in recent years, although the quality of industrial LED display products has improved as a whole, engineering accidents still occur from time to time. Most urban landscape lighting projects are installed outdoors at high places, and the risks are relatively high, both in terms of people's life safety and project cost. Therefore, LED screen enterprises must attach great importance to the quality of products and engineering safety. Control the quality of products and projects, improve the after-sales service of products, and strive to improve their after-sales service level. With the improvement of public aesthetic demand and the promotion of the government, China's LED landscape lighting market will continue to be strong in the coming years. It adopts the current international servo electromechanical professional control chip and multi-channel data collection and processing module

from the feedback of industry research, in the past two years, landscape lighting has exploded everywhere, and large-scale time activities in major cities in the future 2018-2020: Boao Forum for Asia, the 18th meeting of SCO, China international raw materials Expo, World Horticultural Expo, and anniversary celebrations in some cities, It will provide a catalyst for the sustainable development of landscape lighting, and the LED display industry is also expected to usher in a development gale

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