The hottest led export in Guangdong was encircled

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Guangdong's LED exports have been "encircled"

recently, Guangdong Provincial Bureau of quality supervision has continuously received TBT (technical barriers to trade agreement) notifications from the European Union, the United States, Chile and other countries on raising the import threshold of LED lamps. A few days ago, Guangdong Provincial Bureau of quality supervision has received TBT (technical barrier to trade agreement) notifications from the European Union, the United States, Chile and other countries on raising the import threshold of LED lamps. It is understood that only the improvement of energy efficiency index and the setting of inspection procedures in the EU and the United States will increase the cost of led enterprises in Guangdong by more than 4 billion yuan, and significantly increase the production cost of LED lamps and lanterns entering the European and American markets. A siege against China's LED lighting export products is beginning

the rising threshold of European and American markets may lead to the bankruptcy of a large number of small enterprises. Industry insiders believe that for enterprises without technology and brands, led processing has been difficult, and this increase in the threshold may become the last straw to crush them

recently, the wto/tbt center of Guangdong Provincial Bureau of quality supervision has begun to take countermeasures

incident led export detection costs rose

since the collapse of Shenzhen yuanjingguang electronics at the end of June, negative news hit the LED industry again

recently, Guangdong Provincial Bureau of quality supervision has received TBT notifications from the European Union, the United States, Chile and other countries on raising the import threshold of LED lamps. It is understood that the EU notification regulations require that only directional LED lamps and directional fluorescent lamps with an energy efficiency index of more than 0.2 can enter the EU market in the future, which is 2.5 times higher than the previous energy efficiency index requirements. Industry analysts pointed out that this index will directly lead to the increase of LED production costs by more than 20%, and bring losses of more than 2 billion yuan to led enterprises in Guangdong

in the United States, the test procedures such as LED notified this time also have very strict requirements on the conformity assessment and market supervision and inspection procedures of LED lamps and lanterns, which will bring huge test costs to Chinese enterprises. According to the requirements of the U.S. notification, it will bring an additional cost of more than 2billion yuan to LED export enterprises in Guangdong Province, which will greatly weaken the competitiveness of LED lamp products in the U.S. market. Insiders said

then, the wto/tbt center of the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision issued another report that Mexico would implement the new LED bulb energy efficiency standard on August 21

according to Chen Quan, director of the wto/tbt center, recently, European and American countries have tried to use their technological advantages and patent monopoly to set up higher technical barriers to trade to protect the interests of their led enterprises. The notification source countries are widely used to check the development direction of the aluminum industry in the base, including developed countries in Europe and the United States, developing countries, such as Chile, and even the least developed countries, such as Uganda

the relevant person in charge of Dongguan Semiconductor Lighting Industry Association told that, as an emerging industry, new standards and requirements will appear in the LED industry almost every once in a while in recent years, but the improvement of European and American standards will undoubtedly increase the production costs and pressure of Dongguan enterprises


big fish calm, small fish out

in fact, Europe and the United States have always been the main LED export markets in Dongguan and even Guangdong Province. In 2011, the output value of the LED industry in the province reached 150billion yuan, accounting for about 70% of the country and 50% of the world. The export volume to European and American countries reached more than 34 billion yuan

how will the encirclement and suppression from multiple countries and regions affect the LED industry in Dongguan? Pengjunzhong, director and general manager of the lighting advanced concept, honest reputation, professional quality and excellent service division of Dongguan huajida Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., established a special class for the coordination and promotion of the provincial new material industry. He bluntly said that under the background of raising the threshold, it is inevitable for some enterprises to close down. Led processing is now very difficult to do. In the past, the price of making a point (luminous point) was 3 ~ 4 cents, but now it is only about 1 cent. He said frankly

Huang Mei, vice president of Dongguan keleide Digital Technology Co., Ltd., believes that raising the threshold of the European and American markets is a sword. Some enterprises will certainly fall, but for some large enterprises with technical strength and brands, this is good news. The small export enterprises first affected the oil pipe connection industry of the afterburner part and the force measuring part, and the market space left behind needs to be filled by enterprises that can meet the standard. She pointed out that among the larger led enterprises in Dongguan, the proportion of domestic sales is relatively high, so the impact will be smaller than that in Shenzhen and other places

the person in charge of Dongguan semiconductor lighting industry association is symmetrical. The product quality of some well-known enterprises in Dongguan has been able to meet the high standards of Europe and the United States

deal with

improve the testing level of production links

in the face of encirclement and suppression, how should Dongguan led enterprises deal with it? It is found that some large led enterprises in Dongguan have always been cautious in exploring overseas markets, so these enterprises are more calm in the face of the rising threshold in Europe and the United States

keleide's approach is to run in the export products through a long preparation period, and then promote them to foreign markets after comprehensive testing and long-term practical application. Now our export proportion is only 10%. Huang Mei said that many enterprises will have various problems after their products are exported, which will bring high maintenance costs. After a long preparation period, this large maintenance cost can be avoided

in the first half of this year, Dongguan Bangchen optoelectronics Co., Ltd. invested a lot of money to establish six laboratories, including material testing and power supply testing, which greatly improved the company's engineering and R & D capabilities. Therefore, in the face of the increased testing costs in foreign markets, the company performed very calmly

however, for some small export-oriented enterprises, there is no time and money to make adjustments. A Dongguan LED industry researcher believes that these enterprises might as well switch to domestic sales, or switch to emerging markets such as the Middle East. The implementation plan for the promotion and use of LED lighting products in Guangdong Province was issued at the end of May this year, and the work plan for the promotion and application of LED lighting products in Dongguan was also issued a few days ago, demonstrating the government's determination to support domestic sales of led enterprises. However, he also said that if enterprises cannot be included in the benchmarking system in the domestic market, they will inevitably encounter the fate of being integrated by large enterprises; The market access threshold of emerging markets is also rising

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