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At the same time, it is necessary to be able to generate electricity at low temperature and ensure the best torque transmission. The LED industry is market-oriented. Small enterprises start from subdivided fields

the LED industry is market-oriented, so competition needs to rely on strength. Small enterprises should start from the sub fields, find their own advantages in discussing the mechanical/foaming/thermal/electrical properties of abs/graphite thin nanocomposites prepared by micro foaming injection molding and injection compression molding, and survive in the competition. Due to the transformation of national economic form, more and more led enterprises are trying to find the way forward for led development. To adapt to market-oriented development, small enterprises should start from the subdivided fields, find their own advantages and survive in the competition. And improve the added value of basic alternative products, seek innovation on the basis of survival, and seek the foundation through differentiation

to understand the development status of LED industry, we must first understand our own economic environment. Because the growth rate of national economy is closely related to industrial development. At present, we are facing a new era of development

what era are we facing now? The characteristic of low-quality jaw is: the new normal of China's economy. At present, China's economy has changed from high-speed growth to medium and high-speed growth, and the development speed has changed historically. The era of double-digit growth in China for more than 20 consecutive years has passed. At present, China's economy is maintaining stable growth of 7.3%, 7.4% and 7.5%

the economic structure has been continuously optimized and upgraded, and the driving force of national development has gradually shifted from factor driven, investment driven to innovation driven

based on the changes in the Chinese market, the environment for the development of Chinese enterprises has also changed. At present, the market is more important than the mayor. LED industry is market-oriented, so competition depends on strength

how can led enterprises survive and develop in the current market environment? After several rounds of elimination and development in the market, the survival rate of traditional lighting enterprises tends to be stable. There used to be 100 lighting enterprises in a town, but there may be only 2 left, and the survival rate is only 2%

there are about 20000 LED lighting enterprises in China, and the lighting market output value is about 500 billion. After three years, the survival rate may be only 25%, about 5000

according to the current market situation, bankruptcy and runaway events occurred frequently in Zhongshan and other places this year. About 2000 LED lighting enterprises have been cancelled in Guzhen this year, which seems to be seriously eliminated, but about 5000 enterprises enter the industry every year, and about 3000 enterprises compete in this way. Therefore, although everyone in the LED industry is facing a survival crisis, there is still a situation of overheated development of the industry

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