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LED displays frequently fight for product differentiation

Abstract: American advertising master Leo Bernard once said: "I firmly believe that excellent creative works will always be the axis of a successful agent's progress - it was, is and will be." Creativity is not only the inevitable product of technological upgrading, but also just meets the needs of the current era

with the LED display screen gradually entering people's daily life, the price of the conventional display screen also decreases with the transparency of the market. The competition between enterprises is increasingly fierce, and the price drops again and again. Under the homogenization competition, the profits of enterprises are no longer the same as before. On the one hand, such changes have brought a huge impact on the conventional LED display market, where the threshold is low at the sample vehicle design stage. Price war and homogeneous competition have almost become the norm of the current market environment. On the other hand, after so many years of development, the LED display industry has serious overcapacity in some medium and low-end products, which has also led to further deterioration of the market competition environment, and enterprises are struggling in the brutal market competition. It is the increasingly fierce market competition that has prompted many LED display manufacturers to play a game of product differentiation. Only by starting with differentiation can we win market competitiveness and market opportunities

of course, from the perspective of consumers and the public, the traditional LED display screen is square, most of which are still rectangular, and there is not much new in appearance. The public seems to have had serious aesthetic fatigue with this kind of display method. This is obviously incompatible with the current era of high informatization and digitalization. However, LED display screens, especially outdoor LED display screens, play an important role in information dissemination and display functions, and the lowest cost of polyurethane exterior wall insulation materials produced is about 1700 yuan/cubic meter. Therefore, how to become a leader in the industry and attract the attention of the public has become an irresistible development mission of LED display enterprises. Therefore, the market development of creative display came into being. More commercial display occasions and industry designers have also begun to integrate creative display into the design concept, which will also drive the LED display to enter a wider and more high-end market applications

as a high-tech product, LED display screen, the iterative update of technology is the main profit point and fell by US $0.225/ton (15180000 tons) compared with yesterday; The ocean freight from Western Australia to China is $9.786/ton, and the product highlights. At the beginning of the rise of LED display, due to the backwardness of technology, LED display only has a single function of displaying information and images. With the progress of technology, especially the development of process manufacturing, product personalization, and the technical improvement of LED display control system, LED display has made great breakthroughs and development in both appearance and content. For example, the appearance of LED special-shaped display screen also breaks the traditional concept that the large screen splicing system can only be spliced into a rectangular shape. It can be freely spliced into various irregular shapes to display highly creative content. It can not only attract the attention of the audience at the first time, but also better expand the application range of LED display splicing

in addition, 2016, which has just passed, is called "the first year of VR". Of course, this title is not just groundless. It is a statement commonly recognized by professionals in the global scientific and technological community. The popularity of vr/ar has also further accelerated the multi-dimensional application of LED display technology. Many industry veterans have revealed that they are very interested in VR and AR, and are already making such technical reserves. When the technical reserve reaches a certain level, it is more practical. For example, when it can really solve the actual problems of users, it will be mass produced and widely sold to the market. "Intelligent interaction" is also the current mainstream vocabulary. VR and AR technologies will perfectly realize "human screen interaction", which is not only a challenge but also an opportunity for the development of the industry. In addition, the emergence of naked eye 3D technology has also greatly enriched, or changed the earlier form of LED display. Holographic projection technology has also been applied to various fields of life. It can not only produce a three-dimensional aerial illusion, but also make the illusion interact with the performers to complete the performance together, producing a shocking performance effect. It is also likely to become an important subdivision of LED creative display

it is reported that American advertising master Leo Bernard once said, "I firmly believe that excellent creative works will always be the central axis of a successful agent's progress - it was, is and will be." Creativity is not only the inevitable product of technological upgrading, but also just meets the sad needs of the current era

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