Based on hard strength, Degong hardware tools shin

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Based on hard strength, Degong hardware tools shine

based on hard strength, Degong hardware tools shine

September 29, 2019 11:03 Author: Luo: packaging contact lenses, wound healing bandages, bone repair brackets or catheters


the National Day is coming, and the whole world is celebrating. Looking back on the 70 years of wind and rain that China has gone through, thousands of tall buildings rose from the ground, and the traffic was heavy. This grand occasion was built by the working people, brick by brick, iron and aluminum. Different from the earth huts and pig iron mud tiles in the early days of the founding of the people's Republic of China, today's industries have enriched the choice of building materials, and aluminum profile is one of them. As a raw material with an extremely wide range of applications, the market demand for aluminum profiles only increases, which poses a huge challenge to the brand of aluminum profile suppliers. In order to achieve the goal of environment and performance, Degong hardware tools, a well-known aluminum profile brand in China, interprets the physical performance data strength of "made in China" that can accurately measure all kinds of data with the quality of Ruyi

"the quality of aluminum profiles can't be said alone, strength is the last word." As the head of Degong hardware tools, Mr. Zhang Jian always shows full confidence, "speaking with unquestionable hard power is our purpose."

it is understood that Degong hardware tools is an independent brand of Wuxi siweiyougong Technology Co., Ltd. and is called the owner of the "treasure house" of aluminum profile equipment by industry insiders. In fact, this is the affirmation of industry peers for the professionalism and comprehensiveness of Degong production equipment. The brand has a large number of advanced aluminum profile production equipment and surface treatment equipment, and has a lot of consideration in a series of quality assurance testing equipment, such as section size measuring instrument, spectrometer, Wechsler hardness tester, industrial projector, acidity meter, etc. With the cooperation of high-quality professional technicians and developers, the plastic waste that humans put into the sea every year is 4.8 million tons to 12.7 million tons. All kinds of high-level aluminum profile products under Degong hardware tools came into being

(Degong hardware tools factory equipment)

in the roar of the machine, the industrial aluminum profile, aluminum profile accessories, fence protective cover, lean pipeline rod and other high-quality aluminum profile products of Degong hardware tools gradually cover the aluminum profile market all over the country, and step by step into the international market, opening the markets in Southeast Asia, Japan, the Middle East and other regions. Degong has grown into an influential international aluminum profile brand

up to now, the annual sales of Degong hardware tools have already exceeded the 10 million mark, and has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many enterprises and brands at home and abroad, resulting in a sharp increase in product demand. In this regard, Mr. Zhang Jian still appears extremely confident. He once said: "the aluminum profile inventory of Degong hardware tools is up to 500 tons, and the specifications are complete, which can meet the needs of various aluminum profiles. We always have confidence in the whole process of aluminum profile design, production and sales."

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celebrate the national day, dameijiang river. Today's country can't exist without every plant, hardworking people, basic building materials, and every brand that has worked hard in the field. People have reason to believe that with the help of strong brands such as Degong hardware tools, which adhere to quality, China will go further

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