The hottest led lighthouse lights up Ottawa Nation

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Led lighthouse lights up Ottawa National Art Center

to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the founding of Canada, Ottawa National Art Center (NAC) custom designed and installed a 50 foot high transparent led media wall by clearled. Its transparency is 80%, the maximum brightness is 8000 nits, allowing natural light to pass through, and different contents can be displayed during the day and night. Four additional 32 foot high transparent LED lights can coordinate the displayed content and create a unique aesthetic digital experience

background: NAC is a landmark building in Canada. Founded in 1967, it is the most important art exhibition platform in the country. In 2017, in order to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada, NAC launched a construction project with the goal of building a tower, extending the geometry of the original building into the 21st century, and establishing a new transparency and connection with the city

this 50 foot tall lighthouse uses clearled TV wall display, creating a new unforgettable experience that can actively connect and influence the public

this transparent lighthouse attracts thousands of tourists every day. It is used to display the new works of digital artists from Canada and around the world, which fully demonstrates the cultural diversity of Canada

challenge: the architectural shape of the new National Art Center building is very unique, like a huge lantern. In order to illuminate the space, clearled faces the challenge of designing a customized screen to accurately adapt to the space and provide maximum transparency and brightness. Another obstacle is to ensure that the components are light, strong and easy to maintain. These four blades must be waterproof and able to withstand the cold and humid climatic conditions in Ottawa

in addition, the construction period is very short, requiring all staff to work in the same enclosed area and when these "honeycomb" structures are intertwined. In addition, the safety of the site must be strictly ensured, making it a challenge to enter the facility without planning in advance

scheme: planning is crucial to success, and it has begun one year before the formal launch of the project. Clearled set up a special project team and held many discussions with NAC

more than 400 LED panels can accurately match each part of the glass building through customized design, and there are as many as 13 unique customized models. All panels have been independently tested and quality tested to reduce problems in the installation process of high efficiency. Clearled uses high-quality Nichia LED light beads. The weight of this aircraft is only 2.3 tons, which can ensure a long life and withstand the weather conditions in Ottawa

the project installation team has prepared the safety permit in advance. Advance delivery and customs clearance of materials. During the installation, the team lived in Ottawa and kept close contact with NAC to arrange visits and minimize conflicts with other industries

results: the project was completed on schedule, participated in the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the founding of Canada, and attracted national media coverage. More than 350000 people attended the celebration, and this amazing lighthouse is also regarded as a symbol of Canada's rich culture

since then, the National Art Center has set up the lighthouse as a permanent installation and used it for various major activities. For example, during October, it was used to support World Mental Health Day and was released on several social media platforms

today, this lighthouse has become a local landmark, attracting about 5million local residents and tourists to participate in the production of biodegradable polyethylene and biodegradable polymers to replace the non degradable inner plastic film of food packaging every year

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