French research subjects emerge after 40 days, 40

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French research subjects emerge after 40 daysThe announcement this week o, 40 nights underground - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Ever wonder what it would feel like to unplug from a hyperconnected world and hide away in a cave for a few weeks? Fifteen people in France found out.

After 40 days in voluntary isolation in a dark, damp and vast caveThe disease, 80 per cent o, eight men and seven women who took part in a scientific experiment emerged Saturday from their self-segregation in the Pyrenees.

With big smiles on their pale faces:1618619862012,, the 15 participants exited the Lombrives cave to a round of applause and basked in the light of day while wearing special glasses to protect their eyes after so long in the dark.

“It’s really warm!” said one.

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