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On June 5, 2014, the kick-off meeting of the large-scale promotion activity "ten thousand people gather in a 'Group' and rush to 'rob' the factory" held by Shangpin Bense wooden door was successfully concluded

on June 5, 2014, the kick-off meeting of the large-scale promotional activity "ten thousand people gather in a 'Group' and storm the 'factory' held by Shangpin Bense wooden door was successfully concluded

launch conference: under the guidance of famous teachers, demonstrating the team spirit of "Iron Army"

under the guidance of Mr. Zhang zhaolun, a distinguished expert in the president's office of Peking University and an expert in the research and practice of Chinese enterprise militarization management, the sales elites from various key markets have a deeper understanding of marketing, become more confident in this event, and have made military orders, PK each other, and swear to complete the task. Everyone's high morale and determination to win seemed to show the team spirit of the "Iron Army". Zhang Jingbo, general manager of the marketing center, spoke highly of this

in this era of endless innovations, not only products but also marketing should be innovated. The theme of this large-scale marketing activity is to draw the attention of the public through the attraction of the theme, and then use the preferential strength of simple violence to guide consumers' purchase intention, with the "terror" and "riot" social phenomena that the people are now focusing on as the introduction! The event planning and material design fully reflect the spirit of innovation, and the front-line sales team expressed great confidence in the success of the event

is the reform silent or explosive

the reform of the wooden door industry is brewing in the dark warehouse. Is it silent or explosive? Shangpin decided to choose the latter. This activity is a large-scale national marketing activity launched again by Shangpin Bense after the "benefit China" series activities in 2013. Different from the "benefit China" series of activities, this activity will be launched in the form of national linkage. All markets will detonate the activity at the same time on June 28. The company will guide the implementation of the whole process to the special sales elites in many key markets across the country to ensure the success of the activity

the successful launch of shangpinmumen pointed out the direction of action for this national linkage activity. Let's look forward to the high-profile promotion of benefiting the people on June 28





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