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On July 3, Wenzhou customized home furnishing chamber of Commerce held an enabling activity, and went to Zhejiang naisidi home furnishing Co., Ltd., the chairman of the chamber of Commerce, for study, investigation and exchange. More than 50 members of Wenzhou custom home furnishing chamber of Commerce attended the event. Xufengguang, President of Wenzhou custom home furnishing chamber of Commerce, accompanied the whole process and introduced the company

Zhejiang naisidi home furnishing Co., Ltd., founded in 2006, is the leader of whole wood home furnishings in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and even the whole country. It sits on an intelligent production base of more than 70000 square meters. Its Jorgens brand specializes in customized production of wooden doors, wall panels, cabinets and other categories, and creates a three-dimensional fixed installation system for the overall bedroom, cloakroom, study and living room space. Jokins' product quality has won the national ten ring certification. The base material adopts ruilingju brand, which meets the E0 environmental protection standard, and the formaldehyde emission is almost negligible

after everyone gathered in the factory, under the leadership of President xufengguang of the chamber of Commerce, a group of directors lined up in a neat line and visited each production workshop of johns in turn to observe the production process of Johns' products. During the visit, Miao Jianqing, the executive vice president of Johns, the administrative manager and the director of the paint department of the woodworking Department accompanied the visit and answered the questions of the directors one by one

the surface technology of Johns' products is divided into oil mixing and skin sticking. Behind the processes are the meticulous and skilled operations of the craftsmen. These links have deeply attracted everyone's attention, and everyone has reached out to touch and observe closely

in recent years, jonkins has introduced international advanced equipment in production to improve production efficiency. At the same time, it has introduced ERP order management and control system to realize information management. The company also invested millions to build a central dust collection system in the production workshop, introduced the most advanced automatic sander and water-based UV line in China, and actively responded to the national call to gradually change oil to water. Everyone praised Johns' production technology and advanced and efficient production equipment

after visiting the factory, everyone held a meeting on the theme of mutual assistance in the conference room on the seventh floor of Johns' enterprise. In view of the deficiencies in the production of Johns' enterprise, they brainstormed on site to give solutions, brainstorm ideas, and truly realize the original intention of mutual assistance between enterprises

Wenzhou customized home furnishing chamber of Commerce has attracted nearly 300 enterprises in the upstream and downstream of Wenzhou building materials and home furnishing industry. It is committed to helping and helping each other among enterprises, building a high-end platform for scientific research, incubation of achievements, cultivation of industrial clusters and talent training in the field of Wenzhou customized home furnishing industry, promoting the rapid, healthy and orderly development of Wenzhou customized home furnishing industry, and enabling Wenzhou customized home furnishing industry to expand in the whole city, the country Even in the international market, Wenzhou will better expand its influence and become a new industrial trump card, gradually making Wenzhou the engine of the development of the national customized home furnishing industry and the propeller of industrial transformation and upgrading





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