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When decorating your home, do you have such doubts: why do I look particularly good when I buy wallpapers? Why do I feel strange when I stick them on the wall, with some color difference problems? Xinke wallpaper solves this problem for you without chromatic aberration

as one of the earliest distributors of Japanese wallpaper, Xinke wallpaper group (Shanghai) not only brought the technology and standards of Japanese wallpaper into China, but also made a solid contribution to the development of the industry by doing popularization training for the industry in terms of wallpaper construction specifications

ordinary wallpapers will have some color difference problems, either because of their own defects, or because of improper construction... But there is no "28" compensation principle for Japanese wallpapers

the "28" compensation principle implemented by the manufacturer after the quality problems of wallpaper came from Europe. If the definition of compensation abroad is concerned, many problems are not really caused by the quality problems of wallpaper, but caused by the non-standard operation in the construction process. For example, some wallpaper construction requirements are to match the flowers, paste them in order, etc., which will not lead to color difference. If you do not operate in accordance with the specifications, It will lead to color jump, or jump color difference, so in this case, European brand enterprises stipulate that dealers and manufacturers share different proportions of responsibilities and losses, that is, dealers bear 80% and manufacturers bear 20%

there is no "28" compensation principle on Japanese wallpapers. The color difference of Japanese wallpapers is very small. If it is confirmed that it is a quality problem, the manufacturer will pay all compensation. Japanese wallpaper rarely causes quality problems due to negligence. If you want to avoid this problem, one thing that both manufacturers and dealers need to do is to inform consumers and construction personnel of the construction precautions for wallpapers of different materials, and each product should be clearly indicated on the package





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