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What should I do if the room space of small apartment is too small? It can't transform its structure to achieve the effect of increasing space, so it can only play the role of increasing space through the later decoration collocation. The restaurant is an important place for family life. A family cannot eat three meals a day without it. It is also an important place for entertaining relatives and friends. So the restaurant at home can't be too small. What if the restaurant at home is too small? Next, Xiaobian will share with you some super practical decoration renderings of small family restaurants, and see how others increase their own restaurants! Promise to open your eyes

in the small dining room next to the open kitchen, the white dining table and kitchen cabinets are unified in color, making the small dining room and kitchen space form a whole. Metal chandeliers add a lot of color to this space

the main color is warm light yellow, and the whole restaurant is full of sunshine like warmth. Through the mixing and matching of Roman curtain and fabric curtain, the original low ceiling is visually increased in height, and the color of the ceiling is painted into the same color as the wall, which visually increases the sense of height

use the concave area of the room to customize a sofa as a bench in the dining area. Placing a large table and two chairs around the sofa naturally forms a dining area, which is a good choice for fresh breakfast, comfortable afternoon tea in the afternoon, or warm family dinner

designing a fixed seat against the wall is one of the best tricks for small family restaurants, which not only saves space, but also uses the wall as a backrest, which is also very comfortable. Choose a corner table to increase the step angle, so that you have a comfortable and warm dining corner. The space under the stool can also be made into a drawer, which is a good storage place




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