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SHUAIKANG kitchen appliance -- the world's first "variable frequency fire" lights up a new low-carbon life

■ SHUAIKANG produced the world's first variable-frequency blast stove, allowing two cans of gas to "change" into three cans

■ 100 million users to save more gas per year than the "west to East Gas Transmission" volume

the world's first variable-frequency blast stove developed by SHUAIKANG group landed in Hangzhou market. Its energy-saving and emission reduction effect is remarkable, which can "change" two cans of gas into three cans. If calculated by 100 million users, the gas saved each year exceeds the amount of "west to East Gas Transmission"

according to Chang Huali, chief engineer of the national gas appliance quality supervision and inspection center, who mainly inspected this stove, SHUAIKANG upgraded the traditional blast of the stove to stepless variable-frequency blast, realizing the optimal ratio of gas and air, making the air supply more scientific, and the combustion of gas more sufficient. The thermal efficiency is as high as 75.5%, 50% higher than the national standard, while the proportion of cookers with thermal efficiency of more than 60% in China is less than 1%. "This is a disruptive innovation to the global traditional stove technology."

at the interview site, the reporter heard and witnessed that this variable-frequency blast stove forms micro flames and short flames at the bottom of the pot, which can produce an ultra-high temperature true fire of 1050 ℃. The micro flame shape makes the combustion more sufficient and the firepower more uniform. Han Yafeng, R & D Engineer of SHUAIKANG variable-frequency blast stove, did experiments with the same gas resources. It takes 299 seconds for traditional stoves to burn 1.5 liters of water with a water temperature of 26 ℃ to 90 ℃, while SHUAIKANG variable-frequency blast series stoves only take 241 seconds

"in the micro flame state, ultra-high temperature can be achieved instantly, which is not only safe, time-saving, but also gas saving." Han Yafeng said that according to the conversion relationship between thermal efficiency and gas combustion rate, SHUAIKANG variable-frequency blast stove can save about 33.3% gas compared with ordinary stove. "If a bottle of gas used to burn for a month, it can burn for about a month and a half with SHUAIKANG variable-frequency blast stove." If a family of three uses 360 cubic meters of gas for ordinary stoves every year, it only needs 240 cubic meters to use SHUAIKANG variable-frequency blast series stoves, which can save 120 cubic meters of gas every year. "If calculated by 100 million users, the annual natural gas savings are more than 12billion cubic meters of the designed annual gas transmission capacity of the 'West to East Gas Transmission Project'."

"if 6.5 billion people around the world use SHUAIKANG variable-frequency blast stoves for a year, it is equivalent to an Amazon forest on the earth." SHUAIKANG technicians told reporters that SHUAIKANG variable-frequency blast stove not only saves energy, but also reduces emissions. According to the data, 1 cubic meter of gas will produce 1.885 kg of carbon dioxide, and a family of three will burn gas and emit about 678.6 kg of carbon dioxide every year. The emission of SHUAIKANG variable-frequency blast stove is 452.4kg, and the emission reduction is 226.2kg a year. A tree absorbs about 18.3kg of carbon dioxide every year, which is equivalent to planting 12 trees




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