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Tomorrow is the annual mother's day. Here, Shengshi manor wishes all mothers a happy holiday and permanent youth. Thank you for the greatness of maternal love and offer your mother a heart. Shengshi manor confesses to your mother with you

we grew up listening to "only mother is good in the world". The teacher taught us to be filial to our parents and understand the greatness of maternal love. When we were young, we would present a little flower and write a heart card for our mother on Mother's day. Today, when we grow up, what should we do for our mother

mother, beautiful and tender, like a fragrant carnation. Pregnancy in October, the insistence of gestating life, condenses the massiness of life! When the calendar turns to the second Sunday in May, our great mother's day will come. On Mother's day, remember to say to your mother, "I love you"

our growth day by day is also the passing of our mother's time day by day. Our mother wholeheartedly builds a warm home for us and protects us from the wind and rain. What can we take to compensate for the harm caused to our mother by wasting time? In fact, what my mother wants is just a companion. Leaning quietly by the door, looking out the window, the children who were waiting for their return told her their experiences bit by bit

through the door and window, we can get closer to our mother. Communication starts from the heart, and doors and windows are just a link. The whole wood home of Shengshi manor is dedicated to mother in May, which belongs to her mother. Let's relive the warm and sweet feeling of home in the past

maternal love is boundless, and maternal love is with us all our lives. We hope you can slow down the pace of life and take practical actions to express your love for your mother on this special day. No matter whether you have your own home or not, you must not forget the parents who gave us life, don't forget to be grateful, don't forget to give them a little blessing, even a simple greeting, they will be particularly happy

Shengshi manor wishes mothers all over the world a happy holiday and eternal youth. Love is around, and love will act immediately

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