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The general trend is that more and more power plants participate in the flexibility transformation of thermal power. According to the requirements of the 13th five year plan for power development, the scale of flexibility transformation during the 13th Five Year Plan period reached 220million kW, including 133million kW of thermal power units (mainly in the three northern regions) and 87 million kw of pure condensing units. "Flexible transformation" can be described as a breeze, which makes the traditional thermal power in 2016 shine with a different luster

in 2016, the utilization hours of thermal power in China reached a record low. The power demand is slowing down, but the installed capacity of various electric plane handles and one glass window source is growing rapidly, resulting in an increase in the contradiction between power supply and demand. The proportion of new energy in Northeast and Northwest China is high, and the proportion of thermal power plants is also large. The existing system has insufficient peak shaving capacity, and it is difficult to absorb new energy. Especially in the winter heating season, thermal power is basically difficult to participate in peak shaving

as a result, the industry has gradually reached a consensus that in order to alleviate the peak load regulation ability of electric power and realize the transformation of clean energy, efforts must be made in thermal power to make thermal power flexible. On the premise of ensuring heat supply, thermal power generation shall be reduced as much as possible, and the peak load regulation capacity of thermal power shall be improved as much as possible, so as to achieve the flexibility transformation of thermal power

the so-called thermal power flexibility mainly includes two aspects, namely, operation flexibility and fuel flexibility, both of which have their own emphases. Among them, the operation flexibility is mainly to create conditions for absorbing more volatile renewable energy and flexibly participating in the power market, including improving the peak shaving range, climbing capacity and startup and shutdown speed of existing coal-fired power units

the flexibility of thermal power operation to make room for clean energy is the short-term goal. In terms of operational flexibility, Denmark is one of the leaders in selecting suitable gears and equipment. Since the late 1980s, Denmark has experienced a transformation process from large-scale coal-fired thermal power plants to the combination of wind power generation, CHP small units and solar photovoltaic power generation, which is a good reference for our country to carry out thermal power flexibility transformation

in addition, fuel flexibility modification will also be put on the agenda. In Denmark and Germany, for example, the high fossil energy tax and carbon emission tax have forced a number of steam gas combined cycle cogeneration units to stop, and fuel flexibility transformation has become another option to make more use of biomass for power generation

actively promoting the flexible transformation of thermal power is conducive to improving the operation reliability of power system and alleviating the thermal power contradiction in heating season. The deep participation of thermal power in peak load regulation meets the development requirements of green energy transformation and the direction of China's power system reform. In April this year, the northwest Energy Regulatory Bureau led a team to the northeast to carry out a special survey on the construction of power auxiliary service market. In the short term, enhancing the deep peak shaving compensation may be a new idea to solve the problem of wind and light abandonment in the northwest

for power plants, flexibility modification is profitable. Based on the comprehensive analysis of profitability, the in-depth peak shaving compensation stipulated by the national policy will account for a large proportion of income. However, there are also views that with the improvement of the overall peak shaving ability, for example, the policy may improve the benchmark of deep peak shaving, and the future peak shaving income is unpredictable

regardless of the trend of compensation policy, with the enhancement of environmental quality constraints and carbon dioxide emission constraints, the status of coal-fired power will be restricted for your reference! The electronic universal testing machines produced by StarTech mainly include floor type electronic universal testing machine, single arm electronic universal testing machine, double arm electronic universal testing machine, microcomputer controlled high-temperature universal testing machine and other types. It can be expected that the status of coal power as a base load power supply in China may not be guaranteed. It is the general trend to participate more in peak load regulation and shorten the annual operation hours. In the long run, with the drive of income and avoiding apportionment, more coal-fired power plants will carry out flexible transformation and participate in in in-depth peak shaving

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