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Smart contact center, the general trend! Zhongmai communication participated in 2020 China call center and Enterprise Communication Conference on September 18, 2020, China call center and enterprise communication conference was held in Beijing. This conference focused on the development opportunities and challenges of ICT Industry under the background of new infrastructure, and focused on enterprise communication, call center, next-generation communication architecture, etc., to show cutting-edge technologies and promote the development of ICT industry

the exhibition brought together Genesys, Avaya, Huawei, ZTE, baidu intelligence and other well-known manufacturers. Zhongmai communication was invited to participate in the exhibition, promote the whole ecological chain products and solutions of the call center, and jointly discuss the development direction of the ICT industry in the future

Zhongmai call center full ecological chain products and solutions

Zhongmai communication, a call center full ecological chain products and solutions service provider, provides multi-channel contact center basic platform, intelligent voice quality inspection, intelligent customer service, intelligent voice real-time assistance, intelligent voice navigation, intelligent voice outbound robot and other products based on artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other new generation information technologies, It can be launched centrally or operated independently. It can provide customized customer center upgrade solutions to government agencies, banks/insurance, Internet, real estate, education, medical, energy and other institutions, and is committed to helping enterprise customer centers comprehensively improve service efficiency and customer service quality. It can save energy by 50%~80%

on the existing basis. Zhongmai communication also provides call center BPO services. It has a number of workplaces across the country, mainly serving China Mobile/China Unicom/Chinatelecom value-added services; Children's English/k12 and other invitation services, as well as inbound customer service answering services; It has also established long-term business cooperation with a number of telecom operators, insurance companies, financial institutions, education and training enterprises in many provinces and cities of the country

multi channel intelligent contact center

the multi-channel intelligent contact center of Zhongmai communication expands the access of pages, apps, microblogs, applets, self-service devices and other channels on the basis of traditional calls, supports multimedia element data such as voice, text and video, helps improve the efficiency of customer service, and responds to changing user service habits, The grade shall be changed to meet VDA 278 (atomization) and VDA's main insulation materials used in building thermal insulation, which is also the EPS board 270 (odor) test standard

based on the basic call center module, the product has realized intelligent voice quality inspection, voice navigation, voice outbound call, voice traffic assistance, text robot and data analysis functions, and has realized seamless integration with the original call center. It can not only serve large and medium-sized enterprises with perfect informatization for module docking, but also provide small and medium-sized enterprises with full chain products + services

based on intelligent solution products, in addition to a single product provision and data connection, Zhongmai communication pays more attention to the implementation service of the project. In addition to meeting the business function requirements, we will put forward our solution suggestions according to the service data rules of users, making the business settings more reasonable and fully ensuring the application effect of the project

5g network, artificial intelligence, data center and other new infrastructure construction progress is accelerating. Intelligent call center is the general trend. The call center will develop from the current service window to the future data center and circulation center. Based on the first-hand user interaction data, it will conduct customer portrait, purchase behavior and consumption preference analysis, so as to better support enterprise marketing. Zhongmai communication will also follow this direction, supplement functional modules such as data warehouse, data hub and data mining in the scheme, and provide customers with richer solutions

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