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Poor external trend PTA is still weak

Zhengzhou PTA futures continued to be weak on the 10th. The main 1109 contract closed at 9462 yuan/ton, down 102 yuan/ton. Although the downstream Jiangsu and Zhejiang polyester market continued to rise and the inquiry atmosphere was good, the expectation of new domestic production capacity and monetary tightening put pressure on the futures price. Technically, PTA has confirmed the effectiveness of falling below the 20 day moving average. At present, each moving average has turned into a pressure line, and the technical resistance on PTA is large. Last Friday, crude oil, stock market and metals were sold off, and it is expected that short-term PTA will face a weak shock situation

crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) closed sharply lower on the 10th, falling below the $100 per barrel mark. Influenced by the signs that Saudi Arabia is increasing crude oil production, the light strips on the partition wall of 66 houses sounded. The settlement price of NYMEX July light and low sulfur crude oil futures contract fell by $2.64 to $99.29 a barrel, down 2.6%. Ice Brent crude oil futures contract closed down 79 cents, or 0.66%, to $118.78 a barrel

Intercontinental Exchange (IC needs to pass strict tests before it can be put into use E) cotton closed higher on the 10th. Supported by investors' follow-up buying, analysts pointed out that Texas, the largest cotton growing region, had a serious drought, overshadowing the weakness of peripheral markets. On the 9th, the PX price in Asia was maintained at USD 1425/T FOB Korea, and the PX price in Europe was basically stable at USD 1475/T FOB Rotterdam

in terms of devices, the PTA device with a capacity of 1.5 million tons/year of Dalian Yisheng was started and restarted on June 7 after 20 days of maintenance. At present, the operating load of the device has basically reached full load. The new capacity of 500000 tons will be put on the market after July. The 600000 T/a PTA unit of Jiangyin Hanbang Petrochemical started routine maintenance on August 8. The specific maintenance period is uncertain. The PTA unit of the company adopts INVISTA technology and is produced in a single line. The new unit products of the company mainly supply the 150000 T/a bottle chip unit of Jiangyin Chengxing

in terms of spot goods, the offer in East China PTA domestic trade market is stable. The offer is mostly in yuan/ton, and the focus of the offer is moved down to less than yuan/ton. In the negotiation, the price of 9500 products drops to about yuan/ton, and there are few transactions; External PTA Market negotiation is still weak. In the downstream market, East China direct spinning polyester Co., Ltd. continued to rise. The manufacturers' bids ranged from yuan/ton. The transaction atmosphere improved, and the factory inventory pressure was small. The general cash price in Zhejiang market was yuan/ton

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