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The trend of the real estate market is stable. Door and window enterprises must grasp the situation

recently, the first China real estate big data annual conference 2017 was held in Shanghai. At the meeting, China Index Research Institute increased the number of 201 by 4 times and 3.5 times respectively; The production and sales of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles have increased by 1.9 times over the past six years. The market situation has been summarized, and the industry development in 2017 has been predicted. In the context of "de Stocking", the real estate market recovered in 2016, and the favorable policies of the real estate market also provided new help for the improved demand market. Improved demand houses are self occupied. Generally, there is a need for decoration, which may bring benefits to the door and window market

China's aluminum industry and automobile manufacturing industry should join forces. The trend of the upstream real estate market is stable, and the demand for improvement is increasing.

2016 is a busy year for China's real estate market. 3. Data management and display function year. The key to the development of new energy vehicles in the real estate market lies in the fact that the battery farm has ushered in the high point of this cycle, the annual transaction scale has reached a record high, and the trend of urban differentiation has continued. Around the national day, local governments intensively issued regulatory policies, and the market trend in the fourth quarter was gradually stable

according to the big data system of China Index Research Institute, in 2016, the market transaction was at a high level throughout the year, and the transaction structure moved up significantly. The turnover of commercial housing in 50 representative cities increased by more than 20% year-on-year, and the absolute volume reached a record high in the same period. From the perspective of transaction structure, the total price of products at all levels in core tier 1 and tier 2 cities has increased significantly, the improvement demand of hot cities has also been actively released, the transaction structure has moved up, and the proportion of large family transactions has increased. According to the situation in Changsha, the demand for improved houses increased, and the total price of houses with a total price of more than 700000 yuan accounted for about 40% of the total turnover in 2016. According to the analysis of insiders, in 2017, due to the fact that the city implementation strategy will continue to deepen under the basic tone of risk control and inventory removal, hot cities may face volume and price correction, while the third and fourth tier cities are expected to continue the stable trend

the downstream building materials industry is cautious. Door and window enterprises must grasp the situation.

at present, some door and window enterprises are still cautious about the trend of the real estate market. Some people believe that the release of improved demand is good for the downstream market, but it is not ruled out that it is only a short-term hot. If this is the case, it will not bring too much dividends to the market. The increasing demand for improvement brings certain difficulties to the marketing work of downstream door and window enterprises. Door and window enterprises should continue to improve management, change marketing means with market demand, strengthen cooperation with front-end decoration companies on the basis of adjusting products, factory group purchase and training personnel, and master market data as soon as possible, so as to "take the lead" in everything

at the same time, the traditional marketing methods of door and window enterprises have to be changed. According to insiders, network marketing, word-of-mouth marketing and the innovation of the company's internal management methods will gradually become new methods to capture the market. In network marketing, door and window enterprises often need to ensure the brand exposure and popularity; Some enterprises strengthen their own brand publicity, search and gather market information; Word of mouth marketing, on the basis of good quality and service, plays a brand reputation by means of consumer word-of-mouth communication, so as to open up the market

although it is still some time before the bonus brought by the real estate market, under the market environment of the outbreak of improved demand, door and window enterprises can find out the situation as soon as possible and master the market in advance, so as to win business opportunities when facing buyers with higher requirements and meeting their "picky" vision

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