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Trends in the plastic market and problems faced in the process of globalization

how can the European plastic market maintain rapid growth? Recently, more than 100 representatives of the European plastics organization gathered at a conference in France to discuss the current problems faced by the industry, from new equipment to technology, regulations and market trends. However, a more important theme is very clear - thinking about the global market

Jean schrurs, partner of decision management in Cape Town, believes that the plastic market trend and the products consumers want can generally be summed up in three aspects: high value, safety and environmental protection. "Consumers are concerned about the aspects of green packaging, environmental pollution is currently a very serious problem." He said. However, they also need safe equipment such as electronic universal testing machine. The control range of fluctuation should not exceed 10% of the voltage and guaranteed products, which means that they prefer to trust large enterprises and well-known brands. "Under the trend of globalization, the traditional supply chain is facing pressure, and enterprises have to pay attention to the efficiency of logistics." Schrurs added

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Barry Armstrong, general manager of Ireland's embassy plastics, agrees with Jean schrurs. His company has taken advantage of the delay time of the supply chain process to maintain market competitiveness. When providing a single 1.5g closed milk carton, the company managed to shorten the time from 6 working days to 48 hours. The sales price is the same, but 95% of the product delivery time is reduced. The company's faster meeting customer needs means that it has a greater advantage over potential competitors

another problem that needs to be paid attention to when carrying out global business is the different regulations of different countries. Joansylvain Baughan, a partner of kellerand Heckman legal consulting agency, said that when it comes to food contact materials, the EU and the US regulations that only close the oil delivery valve are based on safety first. However, what companies need to understand is the regulatory differences between the two regions. For example, when it comes to the use of recycled materials, the EU says that the recycling process must be authorized by the Commission, so member states must apply to the European food safety agency. However, FDA does not stipulate the necessary recycling process of recycled plastics

Dr. zhanghuqiu from Intertek group warned: "this is like a venous system. Although the regional principle is similar, the specific regulations can be different. For example, the regulations of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the regulations of the European Union on monomer polymers." Different views on product safety are also matters that enterprises should pay attention to. If the public has a negative attitude towards a packaged product, enterprises should be more strict with the product safety standards

globalization is becoming more and more obvious, but the differences in population and different cultures cannot be equated. New consumer groups are constantly emerging. The fragmentation of consumer types is also a feature of the modern market. The middle class will be the main force of consumption in the future. Enterprises should constantly study their consumption tendencies, especially in emerging economies such as Asia and Latin America

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