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PetroChina group lost 36.2 billion yuan in refining business last year

it was learned from PetroChina group yesterday that the company held the "power" Enterprise Social Forum on March 20 and released the 2007 annual enterprise social report. The report disclosed that last year, PetroChina Group invested nearly 100billion in the connection of port B and port t to increase domestic exploration, while the refining business lost 36.2 billion yuan, both for the purpose of ensuring domestic supply. This is the second release since the company established the corporate social report release system

in 2007, the company invested nearly 100billion yuan to strengthen domestic exploration and development. Throughout the year, the domestic geological proved oil reserves increased by 830 million tons and the geological proved natural gas reserves increased by 429.4 billion cubic meters. The geological proved oil reserves are the second peak in history after the discovery of Daqing Oilfield, and the natural gas production has increased by more than 20% for three consecutive years. 18.8 billion yuan was invested in the operation and management of 71 oil and gas investment projects in 26 overseas countries, which increased the output of overseas crude oil and natural gas operations by 10.2% and 7% year-on-year respectively. Invested 14.5 billion yuan in natural gas and pipeline construction, and sold 45.3 billion cubic meters of natural gas throughout the year, ensuring the safe and stable supply of 26 provinces and cities and key industrial users such as fertilizer production

in the face of the contradiction between insufficient processing capacity and strong market demand, PetroChina invested 32.2 billion yuan to speed up the construction of refining and chemical projects and maintain supply at full capacity. The annual refining and processing load reached more than 98% and processed more than 120 million tons of crude oil, an increase of 5.86 million tons year-on-year. With a loss of 36.2 billion yuan in the refining business, 82.8 million tons of resources were invested in the domestic market throughout the year, effectively ensuring the stable supply of the domestic market

according to the report, in 2007, while the energy supply capacity of PetroChina was further enhanced, the safety and environmental protection situation improved steadily, energy conservation and emission reduction achieved tangible results, and the total energy consumption and total pollutant emission decreased steadily throughout the year. In the whole year, 1.4 million tons of standard coal and 55 million cubic meters of water were saved, achieving 21.2% and 21.6% of the overall goals of energy and water conservation in the eleventh five year plan, respectively. The chemical oxygen demand and oil emissions of major pollutants decreased by 4.4% and 13.2% respectively

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in addition to their respective advantageous products and new technologies, PetroChina and the State Forestry Administration jointly initiated the establishment of China Green Carbon Fund, which has invested 300million yuan. Sign cooperation framework agreements with relevant provinces, autonomous regions and cities on biomass energy development and "forest oil" integration projects, start the construction of energy forest bases, effectively promote carbon sequestration and emission reduction, and take practical actions to deal with global warming

the relevant person in charge of CNPC said that the enterprise society is not only the expectation of the society for the enterprise, but also the obligation of the enterprise to the society, but also the driving force for the enterprise to promote its own sound and rapid development, thus ensuring a longer shelf life. PetroChina is willing to work together with all sectors of society to jointly promote enterprises to undertake social responsibilities

it is reported that PetroChina's 2007 corporate social report is divided into five parts: energy security, safety and environmental protection, employee development, social welfare and special topics. Compared with the previous year, the report pays more attention to the communication and exchange with stakeholders, improves the public participation in the preparation process, and widely solicits the opinions and suggestions of external experts

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