The hottest oil sand field in Canada is closed and

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Canada's oil sands field is closed to limit production, and the crude oil price of the country rises in the short term

Canada's oil sands field is closed to limit production, and the crude oil price of the country rises in the short term

April 7, 2017

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the shutdown of syncrude oil sands field in Northern Alberta has caused a shortage of output and supply. Stimulated by this, Canada's crude oil price has rebounded to the highest discount price in the past two years since the oil price fell

according to market news, the fire in syncrude oil sand field in March caused some damage to the production equipment, and the company was forced to carry out the equipment maintenance plan in advance; Syncrude, with an original volume of 350000 barrels of crude oil per day, completely stopped production this month due to maintenance

ConocoPhillips had to reduce its production to 140000 barrels per day due to the shutdown of syncrude. Syncrude, as one of the largest oil sand field production plants, mainly supplies light synthetic crude oil to ConocoPhillips

conocophillips Canadian spokesman Michelle McCullagh said in an email: "we hope suppliers can understand the impact of syncrude's shutdown on our production this time, and we also see that syncrude is trying to restore production capacity."

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although she did not clearly give the specific number of crude oil production reduction affected by this event, which is 25 times stronger than ordinary glass fiber materials, it is estimated from the data and combined with the shutdown of syncrude, The crude oil supply in the market has been reduced by one fifth from the original 2.5 million barrels per day, that is, nearly 500000 barrels per day

with a daily output of 180000 barrels, Suncor Energy Inc, a Canadian energy company, will also maintain the equipment as planned this quarter. The challenges encountered in developing this new technology include repair, which undoubtedly worsens the crude oil supply

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the sudden supply shortage directly led to the surge in oil prices. On Thursday (April 6), the oil price of the oil pipeline in western Canada rose to $41.35/barrel, the highest price since the summer of 2015

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