The hottest oil spill happened in the North Sea of

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Shell will be able to play its unique advantage. The British branch of the oil company announced on the 13th that an oil spill occurred in an oil field in the North Sea area operated by the company

the announcement said that the location of the oil spill accident was about 180 kilometers east of the Scottish city of Aberdeen. It is estimated that the sea area affected by oil pollution, in which the fatigue testing machine is also divided into different types, has a maximum length of about 31 kilometers and a width of about 4.3 kilometers

the announcement said that no one was injured in the oil spill, and the oil spill has been controlled. The oil well that leaked oil was closed on the 10th, and the oil pipeline has also been depressurized. Now it is using a remotely controlled diving device. "Principle research engineer seancooper said to monitor the oil leakage. Relevant oil platforms are still in operation

the company expects that the waves will naturally disperse the oil, and believes that the oil will not reach the shore

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