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The general secretary encouraged the people in the old areas to "boldly do it when they find a way". The important instructions of the general secretary have provided fundamental guidance for the high-quality development of Camellia oleifera Industry in the new era. In 2020, using the central financial subsidy afforestation project, the special afforestation project of Camellia oleifera in the Yangtze River Shelter Forest invested in the central budget plan, and the national Camellia oleifera low yield and low efficiency forest reconstruction project, our province invested 54.6 million funds to complete the afforestation area of 91000 mu of Camellia oleifera camp

as the main producing area of Camellia oleifera in Henan Province, the Camellia oleifera forest in Xinyang City continues to grow at the rate of adding more than 50000 Mu every year, and the planting area has reached 982900 Mu at present. From this year, Xinyang City has set up a special fund for the development of Camellia oleifera industry to subsidize the new production of Camellia oleifera forests and the transformation of low yield forests, and vigorously support the development of Camellia oleifera industry

yuanyongsheng, director of the Provincial Forestry Bureau, said that in the process of actively cultivating and vigorously supporting leading enterprises, our province has adopted the methods of "leading enterprises + cooperatives + bases + farmers" and formed various modes of increasing income by land, labor, forest protection, dividends, planting and breeding, tea tourism and so on. The oil tea industry has benefited nearly 70000 poor people in the province, with an annual per capita income increase of 2500, realizing ecological benefits Win win economic and social benefits

it was learned from the meeting that at present, the planting area of Camellia oleifera in China is 68million mu, the high-yield Camellia forest is 14million mu, the annual output of Camellia oleifera is 627000 tons, and the total output value is 116 billion yuan, which should be considered in many ways. At present, there are still difficulties and problems in the development of Camellia oleifera industry, such as high proportion of low yield and low efficiency forests, but we only need some experimental instruments for construction engineering, colleges, research institutes and so on, which are imported from abroad. The mechanization of the front end of the chain is low, the scale of processing enterprises is small, and the brand awareness is not high. The relevant person in charge of the national forestry and grass administration said that during the "14th five year plan" period, efforts will be made to break the bottleneck, focusing on the implementation of the Camellia oleifera quality improvement project, supported by scientific and technological innovation, strengthen quality supervision and show the achievements of the universal tensile testing machine enterprise in this regard, brand building, establish and improve the investment and financing mechanism, and promote the high-quality development of the Camellia oleifera industry. By 2025, we will strive to plant more than 90million mu of Camellia oleifera, complete the transformation of 20million mu of Low-yield and low-efficiency Camellia oleifera forests, and achieve a tea oil output of 2million tons

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