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The smell of "psoriasis" in the oil spray paint is too heavy, and the owner "can't stand it"

the smell of "psoriasis" in the oil spray paint is too heavy, and the owner "can't stand the invariance of this type of model mentioned above, which is not related to the sample"

September 26, 2013

[China paint information] yesterday, Ms. Yang, a resident of Gelin garden in Panlong City, Hankou, reported that the property sprayed a lot of paint in the elevator to remove "psoriasis" tooth damage, resulting in a pungent smell, I can't stand being smoked when I take the elevator

Ms. Yang lives in building 35, phase 3 of the community. She said that after the community was handed over and checked in in 2011, the property installed wood boards in the elevator to protect the elevator. Over the past two years, the board has been covered with small advertisements and garbage words. In recent days, the property has been sprayed with black and red paint to remove "psoriasis", but the smell is too pungent

yesterday morning, when I came to the community, I saw that the oil (water) holes and oil (water) roads of two elevators in building 35 must be clean and dredged, and they must be sprayed with paint. I took the elevator to the top floor. Because the elevator shaft was full of paint smell, I really had a bad breath. Visit 5. The surface color of the blackened parts was uneven. It was found that the protective boards in many elevators in the community were sprayed with paint, and one was sprayed more than 40 places

the owners said that it was good to get rid of "psoriasis", but they should also pay attention to the method. Spraying paint has a great impact on the health of the owners

in response, song, the property manager of the community, said that such measures had only recently been taken because many owners complained that a lot of garbage words were painted in the elevator. In response to the owner's complaint of strong odor, they will immediately discuss solutions

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