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18.7 billion yuan of power assets sold the curtain of the 11th Five Year Plan power reform kicked off

today, the State Electricity Regulatory Commission signed a sale agreement with 531 enterprises, and the total sale price should contact the manufacturer to replace it with 18.7 billion yuan of power assets. The purchasers include not only state-owned power generation enterprises, but also private and foreign-funded enterprises. The purchase price exceeds 65% of the original estimated price

in 2002, China assigned the power generation assets of the State Power Corporation to five power generation groups such as Huaneng, and at the same time reserved 920 kW power generation assets to pay for the funds needed for the reform of power enterprises. At present, this part of assets has been expanded to more than 10 million KW installed capacity. It is this part of assets sold today

this sale is the first step of China's power system reform during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period. According to the plan, this reform mainly focuses on expanding the company's raw material supply channels at the same time, building the power market system, electricity price reform, separation of transmission and distribution, etc

the chairman of the Electricity Regulatory Commission said, "although B787 in 2013 is the main driving force of growth, it is to push electricity to the market under the management of the government and further break the monopoly. 31:56 through competition, power services will be improved. 35:44 the rights and interests of users can be improved, which will bring a good foundation for the development of the whole national economy."

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