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Powder coating industry conspires for intelligent transformation

powder coating industry conspires for intelligent transformation

December 5, 2019

recently, the powder coating safety and Intelligent Manufacturing Forum was held in tiger surface technology new materials (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., and representatives of 12 benchmark enterprises of the "private board of directors for green transformation and upgrading of powder coating manufacturing" attended the meeting to jointly discuss the issues of industry safety, environmental protection and intelligent transformation and upgrading, Continuously promote the industry to achieve high-quality and healthy development

wuxiangping, Secretary General of the coating professional committee of the Chinese chemical society, pointed out that safe manufacturing is the top priority of the powder coating industry, and intelligent manufacturing is the development trend of the industry. In the future, these 12 benchmark enterprises in the industry should take the lead in doing a good job in safety and environmental protection, energy conservation and consumption reduction, as well as intelligent transformation. At the same time, they should also drive the common progress of the whole industry and promote the development of upstream and downstream industrial chains

Luo Biao, CEO of tiger surface technology new materials (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., said that while vigorously developing new products, the company pays attention to data collection and analysis in all links of production and operation, and pays attention to the use of advanced intelligent equipment technology to achieve the upgrading of powder coating manufacturing. In 2007, tiger introduced SAP system to realize production formula management. At the same time, the 318 indoor thermal environment was opened for data-based production management. In the batching process, advanced error proof weighing system is adopted to ensure the traceability of raw materials while accurately weighing; In the process of extrusion and milling, the big data management of process parameters is realized through WinCC system and SAP ppm system, which ensures the process standardization among various manufacturing bases and the consistent quality

in terms of production management, the company controls the production time through the BDE scanning system, monitors the running state of the equipment in real time, and also brings many of the beneficial conditions of the equipment in terms of foreign trade export of China's extruder industry into standardized management. For the quality information in the production process, the company uses the quality management module to record the inspection data, uses the shift record system to record the abnormal information in the production, and makes every effort to create a black box of production information to ensure the authenticity and comprehensive traceability of production data and the sharing of process parameters among branches. In the packaging link, the company adopts fully automatic packaging equipment, which can realize mechanization from automatic unpacking to bagging and sealing. It is expected that in the next year, the company will build an unmanned low carbon steel production line. In addition, through the production of MES system, the whole production process control is realized. Using big data and intelligent reporting system, accurate analysis, rapid response, and constantly improve the powder coating manufacturing management level

can Anhui Meijia new materials be said like this? Chairman Wang Fangyin said that visiting the demonstration enterprises and listening to the on-site demonstration and explanation of the safety, environmental protection, digitization and automation of the production process can promote the safe, green and intelligent development of the enterprises themselves. The joint learning, complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win results of all manufacturers can promote the development of powder coating industry to a higher level and higher quality. Luo Biao said that in the future, in view of various new challenges faced by the industry, it will explore new market segments, and establish strategic partnership with upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry, so as to strive to make the powder coating industry run more orderly and dynamic, and create a new pattern of win-win in the whole value chain

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