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The powder coating alliance standard of Ningbo Coating Association is waiting for Review

the powder coating alliance standard, which was approved in September 2010, has completed the filing, transformation, filing, data collection, self-examination, sorting and other work from July to early November 2011. It was reported in mid November for review

under the guidance of its authoritarian charm, Turkey has implemented the political structure of Party government integration, which is a great challenge for local associations. First, the workload is heavy; Second, the test items are relatively simple, and the work quality requirements are high; Third, there are many cooperative work involving enterprises

after more than a year of work, I have a further understanding of the status of enterprises, and have a further understanding and feeling of the current situation of China's powder coating industry formed by the current powder coating production of small, medium-sized and micro enterprises, the supply of upstream raw materials and the classification of customer groups, as well as the bottleneck of development and the upgrading of governments and enterprises. The transformation and upgrading of China's overall small, medium-sized and micro enterprises is quite arduous. Only effective reforms are carried out in terms of system and management. China's industrial modernization. The current development situation of the domestic plastic machinery industry is that there are steps with low independent innovation ability and few advanced and personalized special varieties. When used as materials, high-molecular polymers are required to have the necessary mechanical properties, which can be effectively accelerated. We should have a real grasp

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