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Powder condiment packaging equipment horizontal automatic packaging machine

reasonable selection of packaging equipment is the key to ensure high quality of products. How to choose flexible packaging equipment with high quality, high production capacity and wide versatility has always been one of the focuses of the condiment industry. Many condiment manufacturers found in the actual production after adopting the vertical packaging equipment with small land occupation and low cost due to the site, equipment purchase budget and other reasons that the effect of packaging powder materials and the compatibility of material varieties are not satisfactory in most of these equipment. However, manufacturers using horizontal automatic packaging equipment can avoid this situation

the reason is that the technical department of Shanghai Maiwei Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., the first domestic manufacturer of horizontal full-automatic packaging equipment, made the following explanation with reference to the c-180t horizontal full-automatic double bag packaging machine they developed and produced:

first of all, the particles of powder products are fine and small, which is very easy to produce powder in the packaging process. The phenomenon of "counterattack" can be achieved by selecting the experimental method through the panel button. The phenomenon of "counterattack" will cause the lax sealing of the package and pollute the working environment to a certain extent. Because the vertical packaging equipment is vertical blanking, the blanking port is far from the bottom of the packaging bag, and the bag is made at the same time of packaging. During the blanking process, the materials slide into the bag with the packaging material as a "slide". If the powder is lifted, it will pollute the seal, so that the seal cannot be sealed. As a result, the quality of products is often affected

the horizontal automatic packaging equipment adopts the filling method of making bags first and then cutting materials. The cutting mouth can directly go deep into the bottom of the packaging bag to put materials, so as to avoid dust lifting. If the powder particles are very fine and easy to lift, a back suction device can also be installed at the upper seal to absorb a little powder adsorbed at the mouth of the bag hydraulic universal testing machine. In addition, the horizontal automatic packaging machine adopts five horizontal seals to strengthen the tightness. 1. The sales volume of new energy vehicles continues to grow rapidly, amplifying the demand for lithium battery copper foil for power batteries. This design can completely solve the phenomenon of "counterattack", ensure the sealing performance of the seal to the greatest extent, and effectively extend the shelf life of the product

secondly, when producing mixed materials (such as instant soup), condiment manufacturers often encounter such problems: Generally speaking, each brand of soup has its own unique formula, and the correct proportion of the formula determines the purity of the taste. Because the vertical packaging equipment cannot add a station on the equipment, the materials must be premixed before being unloaded during filling. However, in actual production, the actual product mixing proportion is inconsistent with the formula proportion due to the premixed materials or uneven transmission process

horizontal packaging equipment can meet the requirements of manufacturers to increase working positions because of its characteristics of horizontal bag walking. And in theory, horizontal packaging equipment can increase the number of stations infinitely. In the process of moving bags, different materials can be loaded into each bag one by one through different blanking devices to ensure the accuracy of the formula. For example, there are both powdered materials (such as salt and chicken essence) and granular materials (such as dehydrated vegetables, dehydrated beef, etc.) in a bag of instant soup. During the bagging process, the horizontal packaging equipment uses a second feeding device with a wide range of utilization to input powdered materials, and the second feeding device inputs granular materials after horizontal bagging once, and so on

referring to the c-180t horizontal full-automatic double bag packaging machine, we can also find that the horizontal full-automatic packaging equipment has strong material compatibility. When packaging materials with different characteristics, the machine can select the corresponding blanking device to ensure the accuracy of packaging measurement

for condiment manufacturers, choosing a suitable packaging equipment is very critical to improve product quality, reduce cost loss, improve product market competitiveness, and save production costs. Recently, recommended by Shanghai Maiwei Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., Shanghai Taitaile condiment Co., Ltd. and Shanghai condiment factory and other well-known domestic manufacturers have successively selected the company's horizontal full-automatic packaging machine equipment

source: China Packaging Federation

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